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    It almost makes me lose my mind when I see the absolute deafening silence of the world as these tunnels underneath hospitals are uncovered. Where are reporters, why are they not ripping to shreds all those who they interviewed just a few days ago, and claimed there were no tunnels? Why are they not making rallies? Why are there no condemnations? Why are there no statements from governments?
    For many years I was so bothered by the silence of the world during the holocaust. A few years back I realized that the world is silent about any people getting killed. The world doesn’t care about anybody. And don’t tell me Ukraine, because nobody cares about Ukraine. They just want to stop the Russians. But when they have any excuse to vilify Jews, then they wake up. This is just antisemitism. And the only reason it bothers is because we thought that in America we are safe, and the gentiles now like us.
    What a rude awakening


    Good morning! Somebody ‘s eyes had opened!

    Sam Klein

    Welcome to the generation of self-centeredness and instant gratification where everything is ME ME ME AND ONLY ME if I have a little extra time then maybe I’ll think about my family member or neighbor etc ….. But everything is all about myself. Very sad to have reached such a low level generation. And then we are wondering why we are still in golus rachmana litzlan and Mashiach is still not here…… Ever heard the famous line that if a person is living in America today that their living in Sodom? I don’t think Yidden belong living in Sodom and should immediately leave from there and head to Eretz Yisroel and save themselves from the middos of the people of Sodom.

    May we all do serious Teshuva and Achdus together ASAP so Hashem can send Mashiach already bkarov and then we can all leave Sodom/America and head to Eretz Yisroel and the rebuilding of the 3rd Bais hamikdosh bkarov.


    The left wing has been anti-Semitic for years. Usually the focus was on traditional Jews, but Hamas has made it clear that the international left sees all Jews as the enemy – something that we frum Yidden have always known, but is a shock to those Jews who used to think of themselves as good members of the politically correct “progressive” movement. The similarity is to German Jews who had seen themselves as good and respected Germans, until they woke up and realized that the Germans didn’t agree.


    A lot of it is just noise.
    Biden (to the surprise of many) made a very strongly worded Pro-israel speech when it happened basically giving Israel the green light that hasn’t changed much.
    2 US Naval carrier groups went to the area to warn Iran (& others) not to get involved.
    How many Governors (even in heavy Dem states) posted their support of Israel?
    The US has been sending planeload after planeload of weapons.
    35 states have Anti-BDS laws.
    Tlaib was censured by Congress (one step below getting thrown out).
    I visit group homes. The majority of residents are Black. More often than not the TV is on the Christian channel which is 24/7 support of Israel.
    What percent at the rally in Washington were Non-Jews?
    There are definitely problems that need to be addressed. But this notion that “America” has turned on us is nonsense.

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