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    Shticky Guy

    Is there a difference?

    In davening we say Shavuos is Zman Matan Torahseinu. This implies the ‘giving’ of the Torah and suggests that the main point is that the Torah was given. Kabolas Hatorah seems to suggest a much higher level – not just that the Torah happened to be given but that we accepted it.

    Is it connected to kofar aleihem har k’ gigis – the debate as to whether we accepted the torah voluntarily or if it was given by force?


    Mattan Toroseinu is what haShem did, and since haShem had planned to perform Mattan Toroseinu on Sivvon 6th, hence the fact that Moshe postponed it by 1 day to Sivvon 7th, notwithstanding:- We commemorate Mattan Toroseinu on haShem’s intended date of Sivvon 6th.

    Kabbolas haToroh is what we are supposed to do every day as we say in Shema:- haYom Al Levoveicho.

    Since Shovu’os is a commemoration of wht haShem performed, all our prayers {with exception of 1 Piyyut in Mussof by Oz Shesh Me’os etc.} do not mention Kabbolas haToroh but Mattan Toroh.


    147: We hold that the Torah was given on 6 Sivan. See the Magen Avraham in Siman 494.


    I could be wrong, but here’s what I think: Matan Torah was on vav/zayin sivan when HKBH gave the Torah to Bnei Yisrael and they accepted, but by force. Kabolas Hatorah was purim when kimu v’kiblu hayehudim – they voluntarily accepted, out of love


    And on Yom Kippur, we received torah shbaal peh, making it a day of intense joy and celebration. The maftir for Shavuos is uveyom Habikurim.


    we paskin matan torah was on the 7th like reb yosie see the beer hataiv and the chok nasan in sa 494 for very interesting answers to the magen avrohoms question gut yom tov to all

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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