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    Some polls showing that Bernie would gain several points in the Democratic Primary polls if he announced he would make AOC his VP running mate if nominated. Would that mobilize Dems to support Joe Biden or send a lot of them running to their election office to register as Republicans?


    Bernie/AOC 2020 is the Republican’s dream opposition ticket.


    It hast be a “dream” as AOC has not yet reached the minimum age requirement for VP.


    Lower Tuition: Well, she turned 30 back in October so she could challenge Schumer in the 2022 primary…..


    No matter who wins, everyone loses.


    AOC is not eligible to be president because she is too young.


    GH: That is not the subject of the thread.

    The little I know

    First reaction to this idea: “sheker mit schlimazzel”.


    As usual Gadol is not so great. Alternate Facts rule, why check the real facts and figures? Better to waste everyone’s time posting falsehoods.

    Polls are pretty meaningless. Questions can be skewed to elicit certain responses. Gadol posts no infor about these polls and the results, just innuendo, attempting to troll like stir the CR pot.

    Time for Gadol to start drinking decaf.


    Most left progressives stake themselves on Lizbeth Warren
    Bernie’s fans are mostly not so aggressive lower class
    check the statistics


    Bernie is patently nuts. AOC is patently incompetent, and also pretty nuts. Sounds perfect .


    CT Lawyer; Actually, not meant as a troll at all and the numbers on these admittedly unsientific “what if” polls done among focus groups are quite interesting to some extent. They show, for example that a Joe Biden/Stacy Abrams ticket would be stronger than a Bernie/AOC ticket, even though Bernie’s rankings improve somewhat when he is matched with AOC. The key numbers are that in all the possible matchups with the Trumpkopf, a centrist candidate like Biden will do better than any so called “progressive” candidate. My original point was that if Bernie is nominated, I suspect a statistically significant shift among even the hard core Jewish voters to Trump.

    The little I know

    GH et al:

    Polls are handicapped. It is costly to conduct a poll that is broad enough to use its statistics to infer to a population. There are a few organizations that do large scale polling. But the cost of doing this cannot be easily borne by small organizations, and some of the media reported polls fall into this category.

    Next, a representative sampling is a huge challenge. Polling in a blue state will say less than enough about an election where the match up of the two parties is the subject. There is also an assumption that the individuals being polled know enough, but perhaps not too much about the compare and contrast between the candidates. There are many who respond to pollsters by telling them what they wish to hear, or simply echoing what they have been hearing within their circles of communication. That might not reliably project how that same individual would behave in the voting booth.

    In summary, the non-scientific polls are completely meaningless. Even the larger ones do not have the needed reliability to be predictors. They feed discussion, but talking about sports is at least as useful.


    it’s hard not to see the writing on the wall; the democrats have gone harder left, and it’s getting tough to support them.

    only the “jew-ish” will be able to hold their nose and vote for a party that embraces farrakhan and shuns netanyahu.

    bernie and bambi aren’t a winning combination, imho, and certainly not for jews.

    Sara Rifka


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