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    Hopefully Moshiach comes soon but it doesn’t look great out there. The US and Europe won’t let Israel defeat Hamas entirely if that’s the goal. Even if they did so there are other factions within Gaza that will happily replace them. The Democrats will urge a path to Palestinian statehood. Even if they had a state they’ll still blame Israel for anything that will go wrong there. I don’t have faith in anyone in the knesset to get right. The Democrats Biden and the US are a joke in the eyes of China Russia and the Middle East. From surrendering to the Taliban to provoking a war in Ukraine which Russia will win, US influence isn’t where it once was. Meanwhile Republicans have an electability problem which predates Trump. A perfect storm is brewing.


    אנחנו מאמינים בני מאמינים ואין לנו על מי להישען אלא על אבינו שבשמים

    wonderful response!


    We have to continue with our Hishtadlus al pi derech hateva, while continuing to daven for the development of Medinat Yisrael into Malchus Yisrael led by Mashiach Tzidkeinu. For now, while Medinat Yisrael is far from perfect, we should celebrate the return of Jewish sovereignty to at least a portion of Eretz Yisrael – after all, Chazal said that even though Malchus haChashmona’im was problematic (Kohanim as kings, the later kings not following Torah uMitzvos), we still celebrate Chanukah “l’fi shechazra malchus l’Yisrael yoser me-masayim shana” – because sovereignty was returned to the Jews for over 200 years (actually about 178, but whatever).

    Jewish sovereignty in Eretz Yisrael was seen as an inherent positive – even if the Jews ruling Eretz Yisrael were less than perfect.

    an Israeli Yid


    Nothing is certain. It should be noted that most Israelis are willing to fight for their survival, and most Americans are either “Reagan Republicans” or “John Kennedy/Harry Truman Democrats” (albeit in different parties) rather than MAGA or WOKE.

    Trump may turn out to using the threat of isolationism to encourage allies to get ready for war, and may then announce that what makes America great is leading the free world. Iranian reliance on American disinterest or incompetence will soon turn to fear (China and Russia will decide against invading their neighbors)

    The Democrats can decide to tell the “Progressive” (WOKE, and anti-Semitic, among other things) caucus to bug off – or if the Democrats turn left, while Trump stays isolationist, it will create an opening for a third party that will be globalist and not anti-Jewish. Either well the non-Trump party will also favor a strong military response to the Sino-Russian axis (which includes Iran and its clients).

    The Israelis could get their act together and be able to defeat their enemies without foreign aid – it would be messy and require the Israeli elite (secular, left, 1st world standard of living) to accept that they live in a third world country dominated by non-secular, non-Europeans, and a standard of living similar to the 1950s – but Israel could be militarily self-sufficient which the capability of deterring its enemies. If Israel could take out Iran, and neutralize Hamas and Hezbollah (which are Iranian clients), it would the from a position of strength attempt to negotiate with the Palestinians (who are the only Arabs who matter if Israeli wants to survive).

    Or the Zionists will go down in Jewish history along with Shabatai Zvi, has one very bad idea with disastrous results. The Hareidim will survive, as we always do, but most of the non-religious Jews (who outside of Israel have minimal birthrates already) will disappear. The best remembered Jewish leader of this era will be the original Satmar Rebbe, and people such as Herzl, Ben Gurion, and Netanyahu will be known only by historians interested in obscure tangents.


    A much better idea would be to drop the idol and daven for Mashiach, at which point Jewish sovereignty will be permitted, unlike now when it is forbidden. Comparing the Zionists to the chashmonaim is absurd and, no, that’s not what the Rambam wrote. We don’t celebrate Chanukah for that reason; that’s background. Jewish sovereignty in E”Y is a massive negative as it is a violation of the gimmel shevuos, which are brought liHalacha by the poskim including the Rambam in Iggeres Teiman.

    yankel berel

    gimmel shevuos are OMITTED from rambams halaha sefer YAD HAHAZAKAH and from SHULHAN ARUCH.
    That is a clear indication that they are NOT lehalaha.
    The above is the opinion of Avnei Nezer , a gaon olam and Posek halaha lema’aseh.
    One of the greatest Meshivim in Poland in his time.

    Sam Klein

    Hashem has sent us in the last generations so many opportunities for Mashiach to come already but we never accepted the offer and wake up call through serious Teshuva and Achdus together to be deserving and ready for Mashiach to come.

    WHAT ARE WE ALL WAITING FOR? Why don’t we all wake up now and FACE REALITY AND STOP LIVING IN DENIAL and finally accept Hashems wake up call for serious Teshuva and Achdus together like we did in the story of Purim and then we will be worthy and ready for the coming of Mashiach already bkarov. Like what happened in the Purim miracle and we were saved from being destroyed by Haman cause we finally woke up to reality and accepted Hashems wake up call for serious Teshuva and Achdus


    @yankel berel
    Right. The fact that numerous other poskim bring it down as halacha including the Rambam himself in Iggeres Teiman is all to be ignored in favor of the idolatry of Zionism. So sad.

    Yes, they very much are halacha, both according to the Avnei Nezer and Rav Meir Simcha and all the rest. The Satmar Rav addresses this conclusively, of course.

    yankel berel

    pl learn avnei nezer inside
    satmar rav does not explain avnei nezer
    he argues with him


    Yankel Berel, the three oaths are learned from Divrei Kabbala, which means that they are obviously not a new Mitzvah. They are a warning. That would explain why the Rambam doesn’t bring it as a Halachah. It’s a Hangaga but not a Halacha per se.

    In his Iggeres Teiman we see him referring to it, and we also see how he refers to it. He calls it ‘advice from Shlomo Hamelech’. You can’t dismiss it as Agadaic, which was never meant to be dismissed, buy that’s another story. The Gemara treats it as any other Halachic discussion with back and forth Limudim from the Psukim. And it comes in where the actual action of going up to EY is being judged.

    As to the OP, we can’t ignore that Moshiach is very near. After all we have the Gemara in Sanhedrin 98:
    ואמר רבי אבא אין לך קץ מגולה מזה שנאמר (יחזקאל לו, ח) ואתם הרי ישראל ענפכם תתנו ופריכם תשאו לעמי ישראל וגו’.
    The Gemara is saying that if you see the land giving fruit you know that the קץ is near.

    I don’t think there’s a natural way out. Although it is possible to imagine natural solutions, where the Iranian government gets overthrown and Iran reconnects with Israel, and the “Palestinians” are de-programmed over two decades etc. We all know that this won’t happen. I do not believe that the situation will resolve itself before Moshiach. In the contrary, this is all a lead-up.

    We are inside a thick, interesting novel but we have no clue what’s in the next page and it’s written so well that nobody can guess the end.

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