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    I am writing this because of some things which I have been seeing for my entire life that I am very disturbed by.

    To start off with, many frum yidden that I have seen don’t even pretend to care about the environment (I picked Jews as we all are Jews, I am not saying that Goyim don’t do this sort of behaviour as well). I’ve seen families that use plastic dishes every meal of the week. Do people realize how much they are polluting the world??? And how many such families recycle their plastic???

    Sure, maybe you don’t care, but your kids will pay the price of your laziness.

    Also, what’s with the obsession of plastic water bottles-especially in NYC?! Do people even realize that the water is schlepped hundreds of miles in gas-guzzling machines? Or that they have water available at every tap? Or that it is over 1000 times cheaper to use water from the tap than buy packages of water? or that the production of the bottles also burns barrels and barrels of fossil fuels?

    I don’t understand this at all. Hashem gave us this world, and it is our job to take care of it. Stop burning all these terrible gases, YOU WORLD OUT THERE! At this point the damage is probably irrevocable due to morons who came before me(no offense if you happen to be one of them. Cancel that. You should feel bad!). So, when I get older I won’t be able to live on Ocean Parkway or Coney Island or hundreds of other places, because it will be underwater!!

    In short, I believe that people are completely trashing this planet. I am not specifically pointing fingers at anybody in particular, because I’m sure everybody has their own excuse, but the problem still remains!

    Please try to do your part in the solution to the problem.

    Well, that was fun to write. I think my pulse might begin lowering soon.

    the plumber

    Good point, I’ll consider it next time, when I’m about to use a plastic plate and throw it away, I will think, yes! I’m happy!


    And your kids?????????

    No prob, let ’em live in Arkansas.

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    Hashem gave us this world,

    agreed, of course

    and it is our job to take care of it.



    baal tashchis. We only have one Earth.


    V’asisa hayasher vihatov

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕


    Lol, so if we had two it would be okay?


    “Also, what’s with the obsession of plastic water bottles-especially in NYC?!” it tastes better, plus don’t believe everything global warming alarmists tell you our oceans are doing just fine


    There’s an Orthodox environmental organization (Canfei Nesharim), and the RCA has made a couple statements about the importance of a Torah-based environmental movement.




    To be or not to be-

    it tastes better

    False. In a study where people tasted NYC water and several brands of bottled water blindly, NYC tap was constantly rated as tasting better than any of the other brands, even by people who said they like bottled water better!

    plus don’t believe everything global warming alarmists tell you our oceans are doing just fine

    You’re either ignorant, naive, obstinate, or just stupid.

    Do a quick search on Google about the topic. Actually never mind, because all the articles are going to be written by people who believe there is a problem, so they are obviously not reliable.


    “In a study where people tasted NYC water and several brands of bottled water blindly, NYC tap was constantly rated as tasting better than any of the other brands, even by people who said they like bottled water better!” in studies done with me I personally have picked Poland spring most of the it’s easier to carry around a bottle of water then a sink.

    “You’re either ignorant, naive, obstinate, or just stupid.” I’m all of the above,but lets keep my personality out of this. all I’m saying is that in a case like this, which can be politicized – and has been- (just google east anglica email hacks) I’m not going to belive everything that I’m told blindly And by the way, in an article about this years hurricane season-which is predicted to be light-. the reason the wall street journal gave is… the oceans are getting cooler. one last thing how do you make parts of posts in italics?

    the plumber

    Well, being that moshiach is coming in about a couple if seconds, why do I care if the world doesn’t last another 100 years.


    the plumber-Im yirtzeh hashem! The Rambam says though the only difference between now and Moshiach’s time is shibud malchios. (I know its a big machlokes though)

    TBONTB- the italics code is in the sticky threads


    I wrote before (different s/n, ages ago), HaShem is still pretty much in command, he made the world with lots of intelligence, to survive and outlast man’s attempt to destruct (or even “fix”) it.

    Many systems are in place, we are only beginning to realize today, towards environmental survival. Many recycling systems only recently discovered insure the world’s survival. HaShem is big and smart enough, he knew how to create something far more intelligent than anyone here there or anywhere could grasp or fathom.

    No assistance needed, come enjoy your stay!

    The only point HaShem left for us was to make sure it doesn’t get polluted spiritually. ??? ???? ????, ????? ?? ?????, and so on. Surprisingly that all the environmentalists ignore. Morals and lifestyles are getting worse and worse by the day and there’s no group, society, board, association, organization, counsel to the rescue. What does gemarah say about “writing a kesuba” on toeava? How much more time do we have?


    the plumber: Being that Mashiach will be here in a few seconds, why do you have a job? Better yet, why do you eat? Moshiach will be here before you can die of starvation, so why waste time eating?


    No because if global warming is true, who says it will stop after moshiach comes? (according to the man deomar who says that the only difference is shibud malchus) Thanks for the italics tip


    Seems to me that just like Adam in gan eden, we also have a chiyuv ‘liovda ulishomra.”

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    I think we all agreed that at least regarding halachah issues, we rely on “Daas Torah”. Instead of how we feel about it, does anyone have a source from poskim against using plastic?

    Also, lol at the random subcategory. Was that you, PF, or a mod?


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    Eek- you have chlorophyll running through your veins

    Patur Aval Assur

    Wow. I started reading this thread and the first thing that came to mind was the Medrash in Kohelles Rabbah. I was about to go post it, but then I got to the bottom of the thread, and saw that Eek had beaten me to it. That’s the second time tonight. Though the first time I at least put up my post before Eek’s went up. But l’ma’aseh, the Medrash is not such a raya.


    No raya at all. Just dont be oiver baal tashchis and we’ll all be fine. Plenty other things to worry about.


    Thank you, PAA. (I’ll take it as a compliment)


    MM- You have Joseph running through your veins.


    ya rashi in chumash brings it no? anyways im with PAA, dont think its such a raaya


    Why is it not such a raaya?


    I tried this cake recipe and it didn’t work.




    lol rebyidd

    eek & PAA: I seem to recall one of the classical mussar seforim brings that medrash in a context implying it is referring to destroying the world by doing aveiros.

    OP: I also care about the environment. It just isn’t the only thing I care about, and that is the disagreement I have with the environmentalists.


    eek- if you read the first perek of mesillas yesharim you’ll see that that medrash was talking about ruchniyus


    I don’t get it. what does this have to do with non gebrokts.


    Started 2yo

    Ben Levi

    1) THe Medrash about “Lovdah Uleshmroah is actually brought in the beginning of Pirkei D’Rabi Eliezer, and Chazal go on to state that “Is it possible that any actual work was need? Before the Cheit the Malachim brought Adam HaRishon his food fully prepared etc..As such when it say “Lovdah U’Leshomroh it means to keep the torah and mitzvos”.

    2) The “Dangerous Gasses” that some scientists claim are causing “Climate Change” are emitted when human beings breath, according to these scientists it is an increasing human population that puts the earth at risk.

    In other words one of the foundational principles of the Torah is that the world was created for the use of man, and yet man’s very means of existence is destroying it!


    using plastic disposable & throwing it our is cheaper then china & washing it out with paying the water bill & labor work cleaning it


    MA: Alas. I noticed that about disposable utensils and dinnerware.

    Disposables makes life and keeping Kashrut esp. more manageable for frum families.

    Otherwise some families need two dishwashers. If they’re lucky to afford them and the space and costs of running them.

    Also, one side of a double sink is tiny and dishes can pile up quickly.

    And think about babies today … disposable diapers.

    Imagine how much work it was to wash cloth diapers. Some people still use them. That is intense labor. Today diapers pile up in landfills. Yet disposable diapers are conducive to life in WEIRD nations.

    Going old school may be a great setback in the longrun for families and individuals.


    WEIRD Nations = Western, Educated, Industrialized, Rich, And Democratic

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