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    The 1967 Six-Day War took Israel six days to defeat the combined Arab armies of Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Jordan and Lebanon.

    The 1973 Yom Kippur War took Israel 20 days to defeat the combined Arab armies of Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Jordan,
    Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Libra.

    The 2008 Gaza War took three weeks for Israel to win.

    The 2012 Gaza operation took eight days.

    The 2014 Gaza War took six weeks for Israel to win.

    The current 2023-2024 Gaza War is still ongoing for over five months against a non-state terrorist group. And Israel is holding at the stage of negotiating with the terrorist group for a cease fire.


    You can’t really compare. 1967 was a total neis nigla from shomayim. 1973 was also a neis but in both wars we were fighting clear armies.

    2008,2012, and 2014 were more like operations than wars. The objective in those Gaza wars was more to make a statement. The major difficulties here are the PR war that Israel is fighting and the fact that Hamas hides amongst civilians and the hostages. For all those who say “just turn Gaza into a parking lot”, that is not realistic. Even getting rid of Hamas is not a realistic objective. The most they can do is get through the skulls of all Palestinians that terrorism has a high price to pay so think about that next time you consider a massacre. If they could dump all the civilians somewhere it would be a whole different story. Problem is that no one wants them.


    The subject line is VERY optimistic. We should be davening that it will be called “Gaza War, 2023-2024”, rather than something such as “Middle Eastern War” or “World War III”, and that 2024 will be the end date (and there will also be people around to record the end date.

    Similar to 1973, the Arabs surprised themselves with their competence. Had they followed through they would have seized much of the Galil, and the Iranians might have pulled off more than a limited harassment of Red Sea shipping.

    It still isn’t as long as the Israeli War of Independence, which sputtered along in 1946 and 1947, and then went full force in 1948-1949. Adjusted for changes in population, Israel would have to lose 80,000 soldiers to have equivalent losses.


    How long did the 1948 war take? According to what I remember from history (and from wikipedia), it took 9 months.


    Analyzing the historical context, I observe that the ongoing 2023-2024 Gaza War between Israel and Hamas has deviated from the typical duration of previous conflicts. This anomaly can be attributed to several factors:

    1. Non-state actor dynamics: Hamas is a non-state terrorist organization, which presents unique challenges for Israel in terms of military strategy and international legitimacy.

    2. Urban warfare complexities: The conflict is taking place in densely populated areas, making it difficult to distinguish between civilians and combatants, and increasing the risk of civilian casualties.

    3. Sophisticated tunnel networks: Hamas has built extensive tunnel networks, allowing them to move undetected and launch surprise attacks, which has required Israel to adopt specialized tactics to counter.

    4. Enhanced rocket capabilities: Hamas has acquired more advanced rocket technology, enabling them to launch attacks deeper into Israel, posing a significant threat to Israeli civilians and infrastructure.

    5. International intervention and diplomatic efforts: The international community has been more involved in trying to broker a ceasefire and resolve the conflict through diplomatic means, which has slowed down the conflict resolution process.

    6. Shifting nature of modern warfare: The conflict involves non-conventional tactics such as cyber warfare, propaganda, and information operations, which require specialized countermeasures and have prolonged the conflict.

    7. Israel’s cautious approach: Israel has been trying to minimize civilian casualties and avoid international criticism, which has led to a more gradual and cautious approach, prioritizing precision over speed.

    These factors have collectively contributed to the prolonged duration of the conflict, deviating from the patterns observed in previous wars.


    It would be realistic if they just rocketed the place for a few days instead of choosing the long route by putting troops in like America did in Iraq Afghanistan and Vietnam. Have a clear end game and stick to the mission.


    yeshivaguy45: The Israeli Was of Independence ended in March 1949, but when it began is subject to debate. One date is based on when other Arab states entered the ready existing war in May 1948, but the Zionists and Palestinians had been clearly fighting each other since no later than November 1947,and various zionists were engaged in open hostilities against the British since at least 1946, and arguably earlier.

    Sam Klein


    that’s because klal yisroel since the current Israel-Hamas war started as much Achdus together as there has improved and with tehillim in every shul etc…. klal yisroel has still not openly confessed to our loving father Hashem and accepted his wake up call for serious Teshuva and Achdus together as one loving nation like we did in the story of Purim and then Hashem can send Mashiach already bkarov and the war will be able to be over and come to an end.

    Nothing is coincidence. Every tiny thing going on around the world is with an account and reason from Hashem why the USA now would be run by such a old crazy person that no hospital or nursing home can help him only the cemetery with Misaskim can help him and he belongs there. But Hashem has a plan and reason for making him the president of the USA.

    Let’s hope we finally accept Hashems wake up call for serious Teshuva and Achdus together and then this Israeli-Hamas war can end with hopefully Hashem sending Mashiach already bkarov.


    The problem is the majority of Jews still refuse to vote in leaders who are willing to win the war according to the Torah way. The majority are afraid of the Goyim (or realistic, practical and responsible in their eyes) and think the only solution is to try to walk in between the drops and wait for the Goyim to have mercy on us.

    The attack on simchas torah proves that either the Satmar Rebbe or Rabbi Meir Kahane (who was mechadesh nothing, all he did was dare to read the Pesukim and commandments in the Torah regarding how to conquer Eretz Yisroel out loud. Rav Kahane did not add one letter to the Torah all he said is that these pesukim hold true today for us as well) were right.

    The sevaras hamachlokes between Rav Kahane and the Satmar Rav is if todays conquering of Eretz Yisroel has the issur of the Maapilim or those who fear the Goyim are continuing the sin of the Meraglim fearing goyim instead of trusting in Hashem.

    Like then it depends on whether or not there is a tzivuy of Aleh El Hahar now or not this is what it all depends on.


    “Machlokes” between a guy who spent a few years in mirrer yeshiva and then became an activist and got himself shot by the Arabs he started up with, against a gadol byisroel who was so holy that he didn’t even taste food and spent his entire life immersed in Torah and avodah, building a Torah community after the Holocaust.

    You know who else reads pesukim to justify their violations of mesorah? Literally every divergent group in klal yisroel; tzedukim, karaiim, early conservative (before they dropped that too), maskilim…

    We have a mesorah



    Avira, people who have nothing factual to present almost always resort to who’s who and personal assault… not new…

    B”h the Rambam and others also record the Torah commandments regarding milchama and Eretz yisroel as eternal commandments that are part of our Mesorah.

    If anything it is the people who follow a modern era leader who tries to uproot explicit pesukim gemaras and rishonim and declare them no longer relevant who are much closer to “divergent” and the people on the rest of your list.

    You might feel that you and your type have a monopoly on Mesorah but there is a large segment of Klal Yisroel with alternative Mesorah to yours and plenty of Torah backing.

    BTW Rabbi Kahane was more likely murdered by the leftist Israeli Mossad who were afraid of him and his movement and for good reason you can read up on that if you’d like,


    I am a student of Rabbi Kahane, and I’ve never heard any of his followers claim that Mossad assassinated him.

    Sam: you forgot how 10 days before Simchas Torah, the leftists perpetrated an actual pogrom against Yom Kippur prayers.


    Not likely a student of Rabbi Kahane would call himself doom…

    In his own book Rabbi Kahane records several attempts of the Mossad to eliminate him take a look…

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