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    There is a golden statue of Trump on display at this year’s Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC). Does anybody see the poetry of that? I wonder whether the artist is conservative or an Antifa infiltrator.

    yaakov doe

    There’s a photo of a man bowing to the statue that has been posted. This Trump worship is an abomination. I have never before heard of a golden statue of a politician anywhere in the world. Even North Korea doesn’t have a statue of Little Kim Jong Um.


    @Yaakov doe
    They erected a golden statue of Stalin in Prague, it was urinating ion the Czech people. It was torn down.

    To quote two nice Jewish Boys (Simon and Garfunkel)
    and the people came and prayed to the neon G-d they made…………………….

    How I wish Trump would finally be silent

    馃崼Syag Lchochma

    Yeah, I’ve been wishing for silence as well but you guys just can’t seem to stop talking about him.



    They are mourning the loss of their dearest and most beloved nemesis Donald J. Trump.

    Please be respectful of their feelings and allow them to express their grief.

    Reb Eliezer

    They worship the golden trump calf.

    emes nisht sheker

    When I saw the statue of Trump it reminded me very well of the egel. I am sure back then many fine yidden wished that those opposed to the egel also would be silent.


    This Trump Derangement Syndrome is getting even more out of hand than it already was.

    Some guy made a fiberglass sculpture of Trump to resell. Strongly insists it is a sculpture and not an idol after his his enemies decide it is an idol for him. Plenty of Obama sculptures for sale too.

    The TDS crowd still screams he made a gold idol to worship.


    emes nisht sheker

    Smerel, who is screaming? You seem to be very worked up over this. Maybe the criticism hits too close to home for you.


    To smerel: Let me put this in terms you might understand: Idols are a subset of statues. If someone makes a statue, and people bow down before it, the statue-maker unintentionally made an idol.

    The intent of the brilliant opening post is to imply that Trump is a false god, and that Hashem will punish those who bow before Trump or a statue of Trump. You are free to disagree, but not by pretending that the golden statue is not an idol. (You are also free to bow down before it.)


    @huju can you please explain the purpose of this thread?
    Are you trying to say:

    1. “Woe is to us Haters-Of-The-Donald, for we have lost a dear and beloved nemesis! Our lives now lack meaning and purpose! Our deep pain can only be reduced by making a new thread in his memory every two days.”

    2. A Trump statue was on display somewhere. It must have been an idol and therefore all Trump supporters must believe he is G-D.

    3. Don’t make statues of Trump. I hate him.

    4. All of the above.

    5. None of the above (please provide an alternative explanation).



    Let me put this in terms you may understand.

    This is what you call “man creates fictional scenario and then gets all worked up about it.”

    There may be a picture somewhere of someone bowing to the statue but I sure couldn’t find it with a google . Not even on the notorious Trump Derangement Syndrome sites (no worries I’m sure one will be photoshopped soon).

    There are statues of all other presidents as well. No one makes an issue.

    As far as making something into a idol by someone bowing to it, something tells me that the brilliant OP (your description not mine) isn’t very clear in the sugya of “Adom Oysser Dovor Sh’Anoy Sheloy”

    Or maybe you are right and I need your explanation. If you can back up what your saying based on the Gemorah, Rishonim and Poskim on the sugya I’m all ears

    It’s hard not to notice the irony of Trump’s enemies rather than his supporters crowing him and statues of him as idols….


    CTLawyer: lets not pretend art had anything to do with the music. He was a tag along because of his golden voice. You’re quoting Paul.


    I just want to make this clarification because this conversation is not on the level to have a serious sugya mixed into it.

    You cannot unintentionally make an idol. If someone bows to your property it doesn鈥檛 become an idol or Avodah Zorah.

    Without going through the whole sugya, The Rambam Avodos Chacomim 8:1 paskens

    讘旨址诪旨侄讛 讚旨职讘指专执讬诐 讗植诪讜旨专执讬诐 讘旨职讘侄讛直诪址转 注址爪职诪讜止. 讗植讘指诇 讗执诐 砖讈指讞址讟 讘旨侄讛直诪址转 讞植讘值专讜止 诇址注植讘讜止讚址转 讻旨讜止讻指讘执讬诐 讗讜止 讛侄讞直诇执讬驻指讛旨 诇止讗 谞侄讗侄住职专指讛 砖讈侄讗值讬谉 讗指讚指诐 讗讜止住值专 讚旨指讘指专 砖讈侄讗值讬谞讜止 砖讈侄诇旨讜止.

    <i>When does the above apply? Regarding one’s own animal. If, however, one slaughtered a colleague’s animal for the sake of Avodah Zorah , or exchanged it for an Avodah Zorah, it does not become forbidden, because a person cannot cause an article that does not belong to him to become forbidden.</i>

    This has nothing to do with Trump statues and silly politics. Please don’t respond with them.

    I could be wrong. Maybe it is possible to unintentionally make an idol. But please limits all proofs to Torah ONLY. No references to this particular statue. And no boich sevoras.


    To all of you wondering what my brilliant opening post was meant to say: Read it carefully and intelligently. It says what I meant to say, nothing more, nothing less.


    >To all of you wondering what my brilliant opening post was meant to say: Read it carefully and intelligently. It says what I meant to say, nothing more, nothing less.<

    I thought you had more to say than an irrelevant piece of news and philosophical musings on poetry and political motives.

    That what happens when you think too highly of others.

    Reb Eliezer

    Don’t male a form of anything. a pesel, statue that represents something or someone for worshipping by believing that it has the power to grant your desires.


    Question: ” can you please explain the purpose of this thread?”

    Answer: To troll those suffering from TDS who might not have tuned in to the CPAC Circus and had an opportunity to make believe they were in living in Prague in during the breakup of the Soviet Union.

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