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    I think the GOP glory days of Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, and Reagan are gone and maybe to the point of no return. We had a good run with Trump but Trump and the people who supported his campaign wasn’t the Republican establishment; it was a coalition of ultra-right and disenfranchised Democrats who wanted something different. With the recent Supreme Court decision to strike down Roe and an economy slowly getting back to normal, I don’t think the Republicans will take the Senate and maybe they’ll flip the House but I don’t see it being a convincing majority. It looked a few months ago with Biden agenda not getting through the senate and the spike in Gas prices that the Republican House takeover was a pretty sure thing, but I’m not convinced of it right now. Most of the country oppose the decision to strike Roe down; I don’t share those views but that’s where the country is. Most of the country is pro-toeiva lifestyle today; again, not a view I agree with, but this is the state of the country. Recently Biden and the Democrats have gotten legislation through. It may be time for the Yidden to fight the democrat progressive agenda within the Democrat party, meaning registering Dem. This isn’t something I think is easy to do with a moral conscience but if the Republicans can’t win elections, we won’t get anything done. I don’t think Lee Zeldin will win the NY Governorship. A lot of the candidates that Trump supported who won in primaries don’t stand a great chance to defeat the Democrat candidates running against them. In fact, there are Democrats funding those who they see as the most extremes so that they can run someone who appears more moderate and appealing to most voters. I like what Trump did for Israel but it may be over for the Republican party as we know it. The Republican party doesn’t have a good trend since the 2000 election. Most of the states in the west coast are pretty much blue despite those in the media who say CO and NV are tossups. GA and AZ flipping I don’t think were 2020 COVID aberrations the trend was that demographics were changing. They haven’t won since GWB. Obama won convincingly twice. Trump won but also Hillary was a bad candidate. What does the Frum Olam think about this?


    Not likely. A good deal of Lincoln, T. Roosevelt, Eisenhower, and Reagan still exists under a Republican label. If Trump and his supporters can’t reconcile themselves, they’ll have to form their own party. While Romney couldn’t win without the “deplorables”, Trump couldn’t win without the support of the established Republicans.

    The Democrats have moved so far to the left, that they no longer the party of Roosevelt, Kennedy, etc. A more likely scenario is there will be three parties in the future, a “Progressive” (non-democratic, socialist, woke, authoritarian, elitist), a MAGA (populist, “deplorables”), and one (or perhaps two) moderate parties in the middle. In fact, that’s already happened, and what is left to see is how they organize themselves.


    Roe is a result of decades of conservative efforts, and culminating thanks to focus and cooperation between Trump and McConnell, despite all odds. Disregard immediate confusion and media outrages, the issue will move into state politics and courts and will play out itself accordingly. Roe v Wade in Google Trends web search spiked on June 27 and was back to nothing one week later. Possible danger is that conservatives who were motivated by Roe v Wade will now stop coming to vote, but I think Dems attempts to federalize it as well as other issues will help here.

    There was an influential paper published about 2000 explaining how Hispanics are growing and will make this country fully Democratic in 20 years. 20 years passed and, gasp, Hispanics are voting R-


    Politics is a bore. Learn Torah for the real excitement.


    AAQ> , but I think Dems attempts to federalize it as well as other issues will help here.

    Today’s FBI raid proves this point reviving Hillary and Hunter for elections. a great point, AAQ.


    Trump learned well from what Lincoln did. Lincoln unconstitutionally, illegally, ignoring the Supreme Court, and taking Political prisoners. Trump wishes he had half the power Lincoln took for himself.

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