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    This July 4th take a moment to think how much hakara hatov we owe the US government for the tens of millions of dollars it pays towards helping many frum families stay afloat. While medicare, food stamps, section 8 housing, and early intervention programs were not set up only to help Jews there are thousands of our brethren, both full time bnei torah and even some full time workers, who could not survive without these programs. May HKB”H bless our generous country with continued success.


    True thAt


    If trump has his way, it will all be changing across the board.


    94 replies? Am I the only one seeing this?


    Remember that next time your local political candidate makes a big deal about “cutting welfare.” Think about the families with kids, the seniors, and the young (and not so young) men in kollel, whose families only survive financially because of government aid. Voting for someone who wants to “cut entitlements” is simply shooting ourselves in the foot.

    The majority of people “on welfare” in this country are white, because, after all, most Americans are white. A majority are also children. So let’s quit letting ourselves be hoodwinked by politicians who think we’ll vote for them even if it’s against our own interests.


    Ya know, it might not be necessary to have these if TUITION WASN’T SUCKING PEOPLE’S MONEY UP



    Nope, I’m seeing it too


    99 now (100 after this goes up?).

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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