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    I’ve been hearing alot of comments about NCSY’s new cd, “the Jewish version.” Just wanted to throw this topic out there for all to comment on


    Haven’t heard of it, what is it about?


    I heard it’s great but a bit modern…


    they made parodies of the good, popular non jewish songs and put them to jewish words.

    in my opinion, it’s alot more creative then the variations/shlock rock stuff.

    go to mostlymusic for clips


    R. Aron Soleveitchik referred to such albums as “tovel v’sheretz b’yado.”


    I listened to some snippets of it, but frankly was not impressed. I don’t care for the particular secular music chosen for the “Jewish Version” lyrics. I enjoy Gershon Veroba’s “Variations,” much more.


    Wow cantoresq,

    So you listened to the whole album, looked at the lyrics, looked at the inserts, looked at the photographs, evaluated the singers and producers and the company that puts it out, and concluded that it is a sheretz, and that some other unnamed activity (in your vibrant imagination) is tvilah. What a special, special person you must be to somehow be able to look into souls of inanimate objects, then log on to the Internet and share your holy opinion with those lesser than you on a regular basis. We all take off our straw hats to you, oh great one.


    gonisoheiv: he didn’t say HE said it, rather R. Aron Soleveitchik said it


    menuval birshus hatorah

    ibid. ramban al hatorah p.kedoshim


    GONISOHEIV- wow! you sure sound like you produced this cd according to how insulted you got. Please calm down!! It’s only one person’s opinion. No need to attack him.

    Bais Yaakov maydel

    there is a concept in old chassidut called “nitzosos.” many of you may be familiar with it. the word means sparks, as in everything has sparks of kedusha in it, so if you just add some hebrew words to a secular song, its suddenly kadosh.

    i disagree with this concept. any thoughts?

    and i agree with “tovel v’sheretz b’yado tameh”—this means LEADING A DOUBLE LIFE, as in acting like the perfectly frum person (for boys, white shirt/black pants and for girls, tzniyus and chessedike stuff…) who, underneath, is not what he or she seems to be. many of us are sidetracked by totally unacceptable things, which, if no one can see, it duznt exist. there is always Someone “seeing.”


    i love B’ezras Hashem. It ROCKS. pun intended. you are the cholent in me… gag


    it’s better to listen to this than to much worse goyish music


    When this thread was started I listened to the clips on mostlymusic. I must say it was pretty funny, especially the way they mimicked the original song (I st-st-stutter, Hey there Del/Gedalya, whatever)

    Yes, I do know that music. However, I think the cd is very wrong. You can’t shecht a pig according to halach and say that it’s kosher. It doesn’t work. You want to listen to non jewish music? Go ahead, listen, and know that it’s not jewish. I don’t understand why a jewish topic would make the song Jewish.

    btw, Unregistered, are you teen? What’s up with that?



    I assume the daas Torah on this one is like nicotine patches- good for those who need it, bad for those who don’t.

    Feif Un

    goody613: My Rosh Yeshiva said it’s better to listen to non-Jewish music than to listen to the “imitations”. He said they take treif music and try to disguise it. At least with non-Jewish music you know what you’re listening to.

    He yelled it straight out in a shmuz: “BETTER TO LISTEN TO ROCK!!!”

    Now everyone who learned in that yeshiva knows where I learned, it’s well known there.


    Jothar- i chewed that over a coupla times… some good food for thought


    Can anyone explain why the music without the words is bad?


    646- nothing is “bad”. You do what you feel is correct


    Some secular music is nice, some is awful. Some Jewish music is nice, some is awful. Music is music. If people who are listening to the secular music and like a particular melody, start listening to Jewish-themed music because the lyrics are set to those familiar and pleasant tunes, do you truly feel this is a shanda and a cherpah? What makes a sound “treif” exactly? It is usually the lyrics that are treif in so many of these songs. I think most people can recognize the difference between pretty music and noise. And if the pretty music has lyrics set to it that raise it to a level beyond mere palatable sound, what harm has been done? Listen to some of the music by today’s Jewish “superstars.” Those melodies are VERY secular-sounding. They still sound great with words from Tehillim or the like in them.


    Feif – What your Rosh Yeshiva meant was that “Jewish” music based on goyish music is treif gamur — worse than even the goyish music its based on, which itself is treif.


    This discussion seems to hinge on “What makes music Jewish?” Is it that someone frum composed it? Or is it that the Lyrics have Jewish themes?

    Jewish music today comes in three basic styles: Opera (Chazzanus), Eastern European folk music (“Traditional”) and American Pop (Simcha/popular)

    Then there are all the childrens’ albums that put Jewish lyrics to classic childrens’ songs.

    Feif Un

    Joseph: Yes, I know. What did you think I meant?


    Areivim, thanks for your kind words.


    hear the full album here: do you want to submit it again for me to delete a third time? YW Moderator-72


    I really enjoyed Jerusalem on this CD. Really great!

    Anyone know anything about Veroba’s new CD?

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