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    Once upon a time, a Long time ago I found this little hole in the ground. Or more like a dank room in the basement of the internet world, above, I found the Coffee Room of the Yeshiva world.

    It appeared to me that this place was certainly an underground ghetto for losers. I mean people who didn’t have anything better to do all day, like interact with their families, bake things for yom tov or shabbos, clean up after kids or do creative projects or have a real decaf with their spouses with 3.5% milk.

    I decided only a loser would sign up to share their opinions on a screen, displaying their convictions by keyboard. Wasting valuable time reading every post that had ever been posted before theirs, weaving their way in and out of every room and subject. Then taking the time to learn about the characters of the posters, over time, who is the humurous, who are the serious who are the strong. Who were seemingly liked and popular.

    Anyways, I was always coming back for more. I was in denial that I was too a loser now. I would never admit to the real important formal acquaintances I have in my real life that I put fortth any serious questions I may have about life in the basement cellar of a coffee room with other weirdos who don’t have what better to do. I would be ashamed.

    But I wanted to share that with all you special losers out there. How much this little dank coffee room has come to mean to me, and how special it can truly be to be a coffee room “loser”.

    I truly have benefited from sharing with others here, despite the ‘bitul z’man’ it may have caused, and how its served as autonomous friendship, motivation, self disclosure and adjustment.IN some ways I still feel ashamed I waste precious time being a loser reading some of the dumb comments here, and other times I find myself still judging others lack of good intelligence as evident of lack of creative or stimulating comments.

    But tell me, please do you ever associate your adhesion to the CR as negative? In other words does it ever leave you feeling like a loser too?

    am yisrael chai

    What a great post, always runs with scissors fast!

    To answer your last question first, NO! Hashem in His kindness granted many gifts, so I don’t feel like a loser. Davka the opposite, I feel the cr is a great tool to HELP other yidden in a way that doesn’t always avail itself in real life.

    In addition, there’s quite a bit of learning going on here. You can find lots of divrei Torah and links to shiurim and sfarim. And people are generally helpful and supportive here,even if it’s sharing recipes!

    You yourself say that it’s afforded you friendship and motivation, among other things, so that definitely doesn’t satisfy bitul zman!

    Hopefully it’s also teaching you not to be judgmental as you were initially, even of yourself.

    yossi z.


    😀 ??? ????? 😀


    No, I only log on certain times a day. I use this site as a way to air out a little.


    arwsf, maskim 100%. Great post.


    i feel a little like a loser when my friends tell me im on the computer too much lol, but i live cr it helps me too!!


    Posting here makes me feel like I’m standing outside in the rain smoking with a bunch of other addicted smokers- enjoying the company but feeling ashamed nevertheless.


    awesome post!!! i thought the same exact thing but my opinion changed very very fast.


    If you are a robot and never need down time- yes- the cr is a crime-

    For the other 99% of the population, this is the most kosher downtime you can possibly find on the internet.

    Happy posting!

    (…and slow down with those scissors.)


    I will continue to post but its funny to think about this place as an outsider. if it was someone else posting I would think they are nuts! its a whole world that only we know about.

    Queen Bee

    Interesting, people post here. Most don’t even know with whom they are communicating. It can be the person honking at you in the intersection, the person that held open the door when you visited the doctor or the person you bumped into by mistake.

    Here we are sheilded with a tittle (some are lucky enought to get a subtittle as well).

    Shticky Guy

    Great OP. If I visited other social media sites I’d be a loser. Likewise if I was here more than I wanted to be. But if I’ve done all I intended to for the day, including learning, then how does this differ from other methods of relaxation such as reading a book etc.

    Jothar: So do we put your recent extended absence down to self imposed addiction control or lack of opportunity or change of screen name?


    shticky guy, it was due to a multitude of factors, the main one being what seemed to be a patently unfair treatment of one of the posters. Addiction control was a good secondary reason.


    +1 on the OP.

    Welcome back, BSD.


    Shticky Guy

    Well welcome back Jothar its good to see your name here again. And BSD also -after all the efforts you went thru to get your subtitle (ahem!), its good to have you back too!


    Ok ill admit the cr means a great deal to me, growing up in my fathers house my opinion was meaningless every thing i would try to contribute to a conversation was met with derision i had low self esteem for much of my life, then i found therapy and i learned over time that i do have some value, that things i say may be funny or interesting, after years of therapy i felt like a great weight had been lifted off of me and i could express myself without fear of reprisal or condemnation.

    Do i overpost and spend too much time here yes, but its very meaningful for me to get feedback on things i have to say. To have something u say be meaningful to someone else is a great reward but i feel the cr is in a way a family are we a perfect family ? no, do we fight sometimes? yes but i think we choose to stay here because of one another and how the impact of a kind word can lift up your whole day.


    This is a place for winners to give.


    I’m proud of being a loser, if being a loser means I’m here:)


    Only winners here:)

    As long as we achieve our own personal Derech Ha’emtzais with regard to time spent here….


    The cr is not only a place where you write your own opinion but you see what people around the country have to say which I think is better


    This is a great thread!

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