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    It is dark around the table.

    The YWN coffee room moderation team is having their meeting to discuss which results to send to foregin policy analysts at the whitehouse or whichever other foregin power wants the strategic information YWN users generate. It doesn’t really matter who, just who is paying the most.

    The smell of ash is in the room even though only a single florecent light lights the room. Mod 29 sits with a print out of this weeks posts. About to present, he realizes something is different.

    “None of this is useful?!?!
    “Like a madmans ramblings?!?”

    Drinking from his styrofoam cup. He requests to step out.
    “The archives have been corrupted and i know what must be done”

    YW Moderator-33

    Be careful, 29’s the nice one. You might wake up 100, and then who knows what will happen?

    By the way we have 3 florescent lights in our lair, and it smells like ash in here because Joseph mailed us 50 boxes of Folgers instant coffee, probably to try and do us in.


    @YW_Moderator-33 somehow I know what the office looks like without even being there. At least its not maxwells (AKA coffee flavored soy sauce)


    So what’s a florescent light? Is it related to vertical planting? Maybe it can solve 2 environmental crises at once.

    Hi Mammale!!

    Johnny Picklesauce

    They wear masks in their lare!


    33, what about 42 (not to mention 99)?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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