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    I am currently working on a new project. I am in the process of designing a

    “Kosher Lounge” where there is a mechitzah on every table.

    The girls will be served by waitresses,

    and the boys will be served by waiters.

    Laugh if you will, but there really seems to be a big market for this.

    Kosher baby wipes, Kosher perculators, Kosher water filters,

    Looks like everything needs a hechsher today.

    Must be yeridas Hadoirois.

    I don’t know how they managed in the olden days without the kosher water filters,

    but B”H we live in such a generation where the hechsher business is thriving so well.

    I also think I will design special private booths with two-way mirrors

    so the poor parents of the boy, who usually never get a chance to see the girls

    in the beginning can get a glance!

    I’m would like to know if any fellow CR members have any suggestions

    or ideas to guide me into making this lounge a success.

    Thanking you all in advance b_h


    bein hasdorim,

    You may not know this, but there is one restaurant in monsey (don’t know if anyone here knows monsey, but it’s in the Rockland Kosher Supermarket mall) where such a thing exists. There is actually a mechitzah down the middle; men on one side, women on the other. No jokes. Not really sure how a family would go out together to eat there.


    BH: if I’d be you I wouldn’t make fun.

    While I also believe that half of these hechserim are very exaggerated, I still believe that people use them.

    They’re only meant to make our halachos easier and they shouldn’t bother you .

    I just ignore these extreme things and buy the ones w/o the hechsher. But I never make fun of others’ frumkeit.

    d a

    I heard a shuir on ??? from Rabbi Dovid Orlofsky and he said the following story:

    A family in Eretz Yisroel’s toilet broke Erev Pesach! They franticly tried finding a plumber who would be willing to come to their house and see what can be done. After much searching, they found a plumber. The plumber comes to their hose and says the toilet must be replaced. The plumber went out to see where he can buy a new toilet on Erev Yom Tov (where in Eretz Yisroel everything closes at Chatzos on Erev Yom Tov!) Finally, he returns with a new toilet. He gets into the elevator to go to the apartment. Another person walked into the elevator after him and said, “Another Chumra?”


    Oomis you’re 100% right!!

    Just one thing about water filters- copepods or not, its good to have a filter for the sake of cleanliness. When I take my filter off to clean, IT IS BROWN, with disgusting dirt on it.I like a filter for that reason.

    But kosher lpesach napkins? Not for me!!!


    I have no personal quarrel whatsoever with anyone who wants to live without necessary chumros. What I do object to strenuously, is when those same people treat me with contempt for trying my best to live a halachic life. If Hashem Yisborach wants us to do certain things, we have Emunas Chachomim they will properly direct us. Do we really believe we are wiser than Daas Torah?

    Mrs. Doubtfire

    “bein hasdorim,

    You may not know this, but there is one restaurant in monsey (don’t know if anyone here knows monsey, but it’s in the Rockland Kosher Supermarket mall) where such a thing exists. There is actually a mechitzah down the middle; men on one side, women on the other. No jokes. Not really sure how a family would go out together to eat there.

    Posted 5 hours ago # “

    FWIW, you are not describing it acurately. There is a small area behind the mechitza for those men who want to eat separately. It’s not like it’s a rule that the men go there and the women on the other side.

    It’s actually good business sense, as a lot of the men there wouldn’t go grab a bite in a restaurant for lunch otherwise. Kol hakavod to them.


    I believe in Emunas Chachamim. But your rov may not have the exact same hashkafa as mine, and in your mind that might possibly make him seem less worthy of being called Daas Torah. Don’t try to deny that – it is something I have seen all my life. It’s a pity, because there are shivim panim l’

    Torah, and they are all valid. You state unequivocally that it is untzniusdig for women to attend rallies. Not every rov agrees with you, or no girls’ Yeshivah would allow their talmidot to go to them.


    Mrs Doubtfire,

    I stand corrected. I had thought it was different. My apologies


    BH, I wouldn’t personally be a customer at your lounge. But I whole-heartedly support the entrepreneurial spirit you show. If you’re filling a need which others aren’t more power to you.


    smartcookie said “They’re only meant to make our halachos easier and they shouldn’t bother you.”

    They dont bother me, on the contrary, they inspire me.

    And is mechitzah tables something to laugh about? No way!

    I think it would help the boy concentrate on the conversation

    all the while not being distracted by her looks, giving him and her a real chance.

    Although after discussing this with professionals they seem to think

    it is unpractical, so i decided to get special tzniusdig tables and chairs

    with a proper height that give them a comfortable distance from each other too,

    Especially preventing them from scoping out and eavesdropping on

    the other tables coversations. Dim lighting to downplay focusing on the

    looks of the other partner and to ease the tensions.

    There should plenty of parking space too.

    anuran; Thanks so much! I urge you though to reconsider, once it takes off

    It will be very popular! I plan to give special discounts for frequent members.

    Like a card that lets you get unlimited free drinks for the night after

    5 uses.


    As I was assembling a few computers this evening, I came upon the idea of Kosher Komputers.

    Many CPUs (the part that does the real computing) now have at least two processors on them. One for the boys, one for the girls. Memory is also divisible (ganged vs. unganged), and half the memory could be used for each. Thus, you’d have a mechitza running down the middle of the computer.

    I have a few more problems to solve before this becomes a practical idea.


    or perhaps, along the same lines, a kosher nightclub – the Koshacabana!


    I once heard a speaker say that making fun of people that are frumer than you, or that have chumras that you never heard of, comes from trying to justify the level that you are at. By putting the other down you make yourself feel better.

    Just aspire to be a growing person. Ask any posek, baby wipes can be a big sheila. Want to know how they managed in the olden days? They didnt use wipes at all!! There are a few companies that make inexpensive Shabbos wipes; that is such a chesed.


    Dear Poster, I think we are making fun of objects and mores, not fun of any people. No people were mentioned or harmed in this conversation in the Coffee Room section labeled: Humor & Entertainment


    I mamish agree with Bein Hasdorim! Kol Hakavod to him! He mamish hit it right on target! I’ve been waiting for someone to bring this up for discussion. The busha of having women and men sit next to eachother is not the way frumme yidden should be. And when a boy who is shomer negia passes a girl and chas vashalom his jacket swipes her shirt, its not tznius and besides its mamish a busha!


    The letzanus of making choizek of Bnei Torah who are machmir to upkeep Hilchos tznius has no place in Yiddishkeit.


    volvie chill out! its a good point but what doesn’t have a place in yiddishkeit? i agree with mamisharebbitzen it is a busha.


    ronrsr, you are not making fun of objects, you are making fun of the PEOPLE that USE these items. I am not offended at all, we ask our dayan when we feel that there is a shayla. If he tells us to be machmir then we are.


    I am shocked that some comments, while correctly advise not to make fun of

    other peoples chumrahs, making fun of other peoples chumras themselves?!!

    By claiming that this is not a serious problem.

    Are you saying that only once this lounge gets a hechsher,

    then the problem will be validated. Isn’t it supposed to be he other way around?

    A problem presents itself, THEN our rabbonim give a hechsher on the product that

    Kashers, eradicates, the problem.


    Hey ya’ll, nice 2b back, ppl have been asking me when I am opening up this joint. I am sorry to inform you that I have hit a slight bump

    in the road as far as zoning & financing.

    I look forward to when our future Batei Neman Builders, have a comfortable place to meet, sit and chat, w/o spending a fortune

    on parking/valet, and much wasted time circling NYC in dire search of parking.

    Or threading thru crowds of scantily dressed women,

    desperately clutching their tzitzis in one hand, yanking down their Borsalinos with the other hand, all the while trying to appear cool

    & at ease.

    Then, finding the barstools the only seats available,

    he is faced with a life changing decision, should he go there,

    or are those stools too high? Will it be too noisy?

    Will he be the only one making believe he heard a word she said,

    or will they both sit there nodding their heads and smiling,

    saying wow! really?

    Being a Shadchan, These are some of the problems I hear,

    much too frequently!


    bein_hasdorim, you gave me a very good and needed laugh after a very serious and frustrating debate on another thread. Yasher Koach.


    My pleasure, aries2*** (for security purposes)


    bein hasdorim my sister once told me she had that same idea

    😀 ..she was thinking of a place only for shidduchim and u can get drinks or even ask for games if you want

    (“like bananagrams”-she told me)…lol


    ourbro, tha’s a good idea, I hadn’t though of games. 😉

    but now that u mentioned it…

    Thanx 4 sharing!


    so where is this going to be? I have to make sure my date takes me there….


    I think it’s a great idea for a shidduch date. The tables would have mechitzas and the shadchan should come along on the date, along with his/her spouse, so they can actually make the conversation for the boy and girl, who naturally would not be allowed to see each other through the mechitzah. For example. let’s say the shadchan is the husband. he could ask the boy to make a comment, repeat that comment to his wife, and she could convey the sentiment to the girl. The girl could then reply (to the wife) and she could convey the girl’s comments to the shadchan who could in turn repeat them to the boy. All very tzniusdig.


    Y’know, Oomis, this might really work. Think about it:

    With the faces / clothing / acessories / car taken out of the equation, shidduchim might actually be done based on human compatibility, as opposed to the superficial decisors that (in too many cases) are used now.

    Then when the curtain comes up, you can see who your true match is.

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