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    I recently read an article about the last Jew left in Afghanistan. He lived in what was left of a shule in Kabul He said that he was trying to get out of the country before the Taliban took over completely. Does anyone know if he was able to get out of the country?


    He planned to make aliyah after the Chagim this year.


    There is an Afghani shul in Queens. A while back I heard the רב הראשי speak there.


    According to Arutz7,
    “Simantov’s current whereabouts are unknown , with concern for his fate being expressed on social media.”

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    I got this message from someone

    🇦🇫✡️ — NEWS: Zebulun SimanTov, the last remaining Jew in Afghanistan decided he is staying in the now Taliban controled country and won’t be moving to Israel or the United States:

    “I will not leave my home. If I had left, there would have been no one to maintain the Synagogue. I had the opportunity to leave to the US, SimonTov said in an interview.


    Only Hashem knows what will happen, for PR, this was recently:

    Roi Kais in Kann News :

    Taliban spokesman in exclusive interview Kann News: “We will not harm human life”
    Two days after the Taliban takeover, spokesman Suhail Shahin is trying to reassure Afghan citizens and Western countries: “People should not be afraid and flee… Interested in good relations with the world” • On the last Jew in Kabul said: “We do not harm minorities”


    New he’s the Chief Rabbi of Afghanistan.

    He already lived under Taliban rule between 1996 and 2001.


    An Indian media named WION caught up with him today and did a short interview. He wants to stay and says it’s because Afghanistan is his home and he needs to take care of the Beit Knesset. He’s been under the Taliban before and probably faced much worse. Brave guy.

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    His nephews davened in my shul. Zebulon’s brother lived in Kabul before his death. Like the old Jewish joke come to life, they were the only hees in Kabul but each brother davened in a different shul ,refusing to go to the other shul

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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