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    Y.W. Editor

    Dear Yeshiva World Reader,

    The Yeshiva World has been working hard to constantly be at the forefront in bringing you the latest and most accurate news for the Frum community. Over the short few years we have been in existence we added dozens of new features and abilities to the website. The results are obvious just by looking at our readership statistics. From the 50,000 monthly visits our website had in 2006, we have grown to over 5 Million visits per month in 2008. We are also currently working on some great new features to add to The yeshiva World website making your experience even better than it currently is.

    If you already are a registered user you can help us by taking a few seconds of your time when you receive our sponsored emails to read them, and where applicable to patronize their services. There are many staff members at YWN that have put in lots of time and effort to making our website as useful to you as it is, and we are hoping you can take those few seconds to show your appreciation.

    Of course YWN is committed to your privacy. All of our sponsored emails will be sent via our system and we will never share, rent, sell or otherwise release any of your personal information to any of our sponsors.

    We look forward to our continued relationship,

    YWN Editor the administrative staff

    Y.W. Editor

    A beta version of a daily newsletter is currently being tested. Feel free to sign up and post your feedback on this thread.

    Hill of Beans

    can we opt-out of these mailings?

    jO jO

    This is the least I can do for all the information given free of charge.

    Thanks YWN.


    “can we opt-out of these mailings?”

    Not a chance…this is the least we could do for the Editor and staff working tirelessly for the benefit of the Broader Jewish Community. A few seconds is not asking a lot…


    I am happy I found (by chance) your website YWN, You have all the news that I am interested and is fit to print without undesirable images! Also I notice you report only clean news even if its from our community, but if it is not of good moral quality, it just is not printed on YWN.

    Keep up the good work!!


    Two words: KOL HAKOVOD


    thanks for all your hard work. what kind of coffee are you serving in your “coffeeroom?”


    To be honest I think that any site which is riddled with advertisements should not be sending out email adverts as well. I don’t like the advertisements but then again it is a free service so I must live with it.

    On the other hand my ad blocking software removes all ad’s so I should really just opt in for them 😉

    Joe Schmo

    So basically BuzBuz, your comment had no point.

    So why did you feel the need to make that statement of utter ludicrous


    Thank you You are mezakeh es horabim in a difficult medium.


    Awesome job, keep up the great work!


    Rosh Hashono is coming and if you watch world and local events in the news you can see Hashem sending us strong messages. At YWN we can discuss these issues and get a Torah hashkofo outlook on current events.Torah im Derech eretz at its finest!

    Bas Torah

    Just make sure you obey the law and give an opt-out option in these junk mails.


    YW is a for-profit enterprise, hosting, and now e-mailing, advertisements for the sole purpose of generating revenue for its proprietors. While it’s certainly their right and I wish them best of luck in their endeavors, the excessive commendations is unwarranted.



    If someone does you a chesed then you owe them hakoras hatov even if they are paid for doing that chesed. All the more so if someone is mezakeh the rabbim, they deserve praise even if they are making a profit. (And I hope the editor will make lots of profits!!)


    Puting advertisements on a website is wonderful and if you make money all the better. Sending the advertisers e-mail is nothing but spam and an invasion of privacy. Anyone who wishes to avail themselves of the advertisers products can do so simply by linking up with their advertisement.

    I for one do not wish to be inundated with more junk. Please remove my e-mail from this list.



    “the excessive commendations is unwarranted”

    I usually profusely thank people who help me, especially if their work reflects great effort, dedication, or attention to detail.

    Do you not do the same?


    there is an opt-out

    check your email


    sarah, charlie brown: there is no chessed here. it is a business. do you consider the garbage man doing a chessed, or the barber, or your gardener. this site is a job like any other, then needs to garner profit. they have figured out how to increase revenue, and good for them. but also realize that there are people that get their email on their phones, and may pay per kilobyte. opting out, therefore by law, must be in all emails sent out. also, ywn better watch it, because if certain companies see alot of opting outs coming through their networks, they will flag the servers a poor, and all their email will be flagged spam, and will go straight to peoples junk boxes. (and on a technicality, since the emails were not asked for by subscribers at the time of subscriptions, say with a check box offer to recieve messages, the emails are considered spam.)


    Perhaps even a profitable business service should be considered a chesed by the provider? Why not thank the the garbage man/barber/gardner?


    joseph, yes you should thank your social servants, but they are not doing a chessed, they are doing their job. a chessed is something someone does w/o reward (here on earth, at least in a monitary sense). by calling this site a chessed you take away from true acts of chessed, by diluting the phrase, and considering all things that help you out as a chessed. lets leave the term chessed for those things that truely are a chessed, and recognize when somehting is just business.


    “do you consider the garbage man doing a chessed, or the barber, or your gardener”

    I didn’t discuss Chessed.

    I stated that I thank people who help me. The barber, the gardener, YWN, the shopkeeper, and the postman.


    sarah, correct, but you were responding to disposition, who was making the same point as me. so your comment was in reference to considering this site a chessed.



    I was responding to the following post by disposition:

    “YW is a for-profit enterprise, hosting, and now e-mailing, advertisements for the sole purpose of generating revenue for its proprietors. While it’s certainly their right and I wish them best of luck in their endeavors, the excessive commendations is unwarranted.”

    He/she did not mention Chessed, and neither did I. He made reference to “excessive commendations” for a “for-profit enterprise”, and I responded that I thank those who help me.

    I see you are a concrete thinker. Therefore, perhaps I need to clarify for you: I thank those running for-profit enterprises, and those who are not running for profit-enterprises. I thank them both, and I consider it Mentchlich to do so.

    This is my personal view, which I am now learning is not shared by all. That is OK; I like to learn new things.

    Unlike disposition or me, you brought up Chessed, for unknown reasons. I hope all is clear now, and you can rest easy knowing that I enjoy giving commendations, excessive or otherwise, to those who have helped me. If you are still having difficulty regarding my comment to disposition, please feel free to ask.

    d a

    Dear [email protected]


    d a

    I’m sorry, I meant cbt1818


    I really don’t see what the big deal is, if you see the email from YWN and it’s a advertisement from a sponsor, just delete it, how long does that take? That is what I do when I get them, it takes a few seconds to do and then I go on with the rest of my day. And yes deleting it from your phone, also takes a few seconds and I don’t even have to open it and than you won’t waste any kilobytes, like someone said above with that concern about getting these emails.

    So YWN keep sending them to me, as I see no problem in you trying to make your source of parnassah greater.

    Y.W. Editor

    As mentioned before, a beta version of a daily newsletter is currently being tested. Feel free to sign up and post your feedback on this thread.

    Just Smile

    Whatever happened to the YWN News Digest? The last one I got was on October 30th – over 3 weeks ago.


    You can send me any e-mail you want.

    Will Hill

    Editor, Can you increase the font-size of the topics/threads in the Coffee Room? (The older fellows here may be having a bit of difficulty dissecting them!) 🙂

    Another Eitza Tova is maybe to add folks who approve comments… sometimes it takes a yoivel until new comments are posted. This makes conversation very difficult.

    NOTE from YWMODERATOR – is 8 minutes quick enough for you? :o)


    I have an idea for getting posts up quicker – if you thiink we can handle it!

    Basically, make posts automatic. But have two buttons connected to each post:1) automatic removal and 2)mod alert

    Automatic Removal would be for something 100% treif. Anyone who sees it would press the button and the post would be removed right away. Moderators would then look at these posts to make sure the button was not abused.

    The mod alert would just be for anything thatpeople arent sure is appropriate for YWN. It would alert the moderators to look at the post and decide.

    Just a suggestion 🙂

    Will Hill

    YWMODERATOR, thats cool! thanx much… now about getting things posted quicker… I’m available for part-time duty to pitch in moderating 😉

    Chuck Schwab

    I also think posts should be made quicker. I do think they do need to be moderated though. Maybe you could ask a few regulars here to help out moderating (obviously assuming they have the right hashkofos…)


    Everyone has the same opinion- everyone to the right of them are radicals and to the left are apikorsim! Simple!


    Re seeing bigger font: Try zooming in on the screen. I don’t know if it works with YW but it works with many other sites.

    A shortcut for this is to hold down CTRL while scrolling the mouse wheel.

    Pashuteh Yid

    To make all print bigger, go to the View menu on the top if Internet Explorer, select Text Size, and then choose however you like it.


    An “automatic removal” button would for sure be abused. As has been made clear by the diversity present among users here, we all have different ideas of what is “100% treif”. Speaking as one of the more modern users who has multiple times been called an apikorus among other names, I’m sure the majority of my posts would be deleted right away by the more right-wing among us.


    jfem – it would still be moderated. While that post would immediately be removed from the screen, a moderator (at a later point, having been notified) would review the post to make sure it was against site rules. If someone abuses this privelege, they would lose it, so they would have to make sure it was against policy. For things that people arent sure of, they would press “alert moderator” so the moderator could make a decision. I think it could work nicely if coded properly.


    i didnt read the whole thread but is there a way to get the texts(they are great) from ywn but not those ads that come in 5 texts bec i get them by email and if they would come in 1 text that would be much better-thanx


    coke: it’s funny how you brought this thread back up, because i was just reading it yesterday, and i too get the emails.$


    i get the txtes from ywn!!!

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