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    1. Don’t build in a flood plain.

    2. Don’t build tunnels next to bodies of water without adequate drainage and a way of keeping the water out of the tunnel.

    3. If you can’t stand tropical storms (a.k.a. hurricanes), don’t live in areas that are routinely affected with hurricanes.

    4. If you live in Florida and get hit with a blizzard, that’s unusual. If you live in New York and get hit with a major earthquake, that’s unusual. However hurricanes have always been part of life along the Atlantic Coast, and were probably worse in the past (climate was cooler, and the temperature differences between tropics and temperate regions led to bigger storms). Of course everything is part of Ha-Shem’s plan, which includes things like sunrise in the morning – and hurricanes are a lot closer to sunrise than a mabul.


    That’s funny. I thought the lesson was leave NY and come home to Eretz Yisroel.


    haifagirl: If it were true that a storm affecting New York City indicated the need to move to Israel (rather than Monsey or Chicago or even Baltimore), would that mean that the next big earthquake in Israel would indicate that one should leave Eretz Yisrael?


    That’s assuming there is a “next big earthquake.”


    Haifagirl: Using your logic, shouldn’t all the constant wars and terror attacks over the 60+ years of the State have told you to leave?


    akuperma: New York City is one of the least hurricane prone areas along the Atlantic. Look at the history and destructiveness of natural disasters in NYC compared to other area. NYC does relatively pretty darn good.

    Do you suggest we all move to Omaha, Nebraska?

    Which area is not prone to earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, tsunamis, blizzards, cyclones, hailstorms, tornadoes or other natural disasters?

    just my hapence

    TLKY – “Which area is not prone to earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, tsunamis, blizzards, cyclones, hailstorms, tornadoes or other natural disasters?”

    England 🙂


    There was an earthquake in Essex (near London) and an avalanche in Lewes, England. There was flooding in 2008, 2007, 2005, 2004, etc. And there was a tornado in Birmingham in 2004.


    The Litvishe Kiryas Yoelite: Compared to Miami, New York City doesn’t have a problem with hurricanes. However anywhere along the Atlantic Coast you have a problem, especially for those who live near the ocean (Brooklyn and Manhattan in particular, places like Seagate and Coney Island are extremely prone to flooding). If you live by the Atlantic Ocean you will likely have a problem with hurricanes at least once every decade or so, and severe problems once a lifetime. Such areas probably should be treated as flood plains, and not zoned for housing. People should move to higher elevations (the evacuation maps give you good indicators), or even better, places like Monsey which are unlikely to have a serious natural disaster.


    Monsey often has flooding from its streams… And despite being hit less now monsey has severe electrical outages with dangerous live wires from many fallen trees – unlike most areas of Brooklyn where most cables are “safely” underground”. It’s times like this we say “rabos machshovos blev ish…” although we must take necessary precautions, we can’t prevent/protect ourselves from everything.


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