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    Zaphod Beeblebrox

    The Man Inside my Head: A Candid Conversation

    We all have them. Shadowy figures, lurking out of sight, whispering insidious little lies, sowing seeds of anxiety and doubt. Spawned from our regrets, they feed upon our fears, our every negative emotion their constant sustenance. Shadows. Usually, that’s all they are, staying out of sight, disappearing in the light of day, just incorporeal enough to allow us to believe that it’s all a figment of our overactive imaginations. But every once in a while, in rare cases, something terrifying happens.

    They evolve.

    The man in the mist of the mind emerges, more powerful, more persuasive, and far, far deadlier. Once free of the murky blackness in the background of our minds, they are free to roam, to sow chaos and wanton destruction as much as they desire. And they desire a lot. Eventually, given enough time, they evolve yet again: no longer a whispering apparition, they form a persona, the last step on their journey to your descent into blubbering madness. They can seize control of your body, and they can do as they see fit.

    I myself have been cursed with one such demon. I myself am a calm, rational, fairly normal Betelgeusian. The true force behind the madness? The being directing the chaos? Well, you’re about to meet him. Brace yourself for a conversation with the most evil, most destructive, most malevolent man in the galaxy.

    His name is Jerry.

    Zaphod Beeblebrox: Thanks for being here today, Jerry. Glad you could make it.

    Jerry: I will take over command of your body and use it to destroy everything you hold dear.

    ZB: Well that about wraps it up. Thanks for being here, Jerry.

    J: I’ll be seeing you very soon.

    ZB: …


    Dear Zaphod,

    Assuming that what you say is actually true,
    this Coffee Room is probably not a good place
    to find the answers that you seek.

    I humbly suggest that a Frum psychotherapist
    is much more qualified to help you, compared
    to the random people in this Coffee Room.



    Ask Hashem to tell You the adress where to go and help you to arrive there, to guide you. (and for sure not to a psychotherapist!)


    Paging @Sam Klein.


    I found this to be one of the most brilliantly written descriptions of a person’s yetzer hora. Giving him a simplistic name of “Jerry” was genius. I would love to buy a book written by this author.
    Anyone that dismisses it with nasty comments like he should see a therapist, is missing the picture here.

    Sam Klein

    The yetzer Hara is very powerful but he doesn’t have enough power to take away the gift Hashem gave you of Free-will and choosing to do between good or bad etc ….. Otherwise Hashem would not be able to hold you responsible for everything you did throughout your life when you come upstairs to heaven.

    Make sure you choose the right decisions throughout your life and not just the decision because that’s what you want.


    I find it difficult to believe that this post is contrived. It rings too true. If it is contrived, the author has missed his calling; he could compete with JK Rowling. Three/four decades ago I studied under a therapist who specialised in releasing these ‘things’. He’s no longer alive, but he knew his onions. He has many practising students, though, and wrote a very comprehensive book on the subject. These ‘things’ are not dibbuks, by the way. They can definitely be released with the correct treatment, often in a single session, and do not require complicated kabbalistic rituals.

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