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    Hallel Yaffa Ariel O”H was a frum 13-year-old Bas Yisroel. She was beautiful inside and out, she was smart,graceful, and artistic, and brought light into every room she entered. She was brutally butchered yesterday in Kiryat Arba by a worthless excuse for a human being, who clearly completely lacked all humanity. Hallel Yaffa was my first-cousin’s ainekel, making her my cousin, too.

    Many of the members of my immediate family knew Hallel. I last saw her mother Reena when she visited us in the US before she was married and had children, so I did not personally have that privilege. My cousin had made Aliyah many decades ago, and had an open-door policy for visitors from the States.

    Reena herself was an adorable toddler for me to play with when I visited my cousin during my own Seminary year after High School. She was full of light, mischief, and dimples, and sweet in every way. As a young adult she was much the same, as were all her siblings, all accomplished, kind, and loving Yidden.We were so thrilled with the news when Hallel was born. She was so dearly loved.

    My son who learned in E”Y for two years, got to spend time with Hallel, who was a toddler. My nieces and nephews likewise had that pleasure, as did my siblings who went for visits over the last few years. Unfortunately my husband and I were unable to travel, and we missed out on the privilege of knowing her.

    This loss is incalculably tragic beyond words. Not just for the family who loves her, as well as her wonderful mishpacha, but for the savagery of what was done to her. I watched the levaya on-line, and at first I didn’t recognize my cousin, Hallel’s grandmother. She has experienced that which NO grandparent ever should. To outlive a grandchild is a terrible torture to be inflicted.

    Reena’s emunah peshutah is incredible. Her hesped for her beloved daughter was so gut-wrenching, I had to stop it, to compose myself, then start it again so that I could actually assimilate what she was saying. And although I speak Hebrew fluently, my husband who does not at all, understood everything she was saying. A mother’s anguish is palpable. Reena’s anguish evoked such an empathy that we could feel her pain so many thousands of miles away.

    Not one more mother, father, spouse, grandparent, sibling, aunt, uncle,niece, nephew, or cousin should ever be made to feel that type of pain again. It’s time for Hashem to be Meracheim on us even if we don’t deserve it. Perhaps we don’t. Clearly many of us don’t, and many of us need to make changes in ourselves so that we do. But the pure Korban Olah that Hashem just received, should serve as a reminder that there are so many who ARE deserving, and in their zechus, may we truly merit the coming of Moshiach b’korov b’yameinu. Sorry for rambling on, but this has been brewing in me for the last 24 hours. Hashem Yikom Damah, and the dam of all of our korbonos.


    Oomis that is devastating. May Hashem give your family the strength to survive this horrible loss.


    Oomis – there are tragedies everywhere you look. Everything is from Hashem. There is an increase in terrorism in EY. S/O in Lakewood was just killed by a car.

    Obviously Hashem is telling us something!

    We have to start waking up from our slumber!

    We have to start looking inward, not outward!

    Shopping613 🌠

    oomis I am so sorry.

    Baruch Dayan Haemet


    “May Hashem give your family the strength to survive this horrible loss.”



    I am so sorry for your terrible loss, oomis.

    Hallel Yaffa’s name tragically joins so many others, etched into our memories and never forgotten –

    Dafna Meir

    Rav Eitam and Naama Henkin

    Chaya Zissel Braun

    Udi and Ruth Fogel and their children

    Nava Applebaum

    Nachshon Wachsman

    …So many other names we carry in our hearts.

    May we soon be zoche to the ultimate Nechama together.


    Thank you all for your kind remarks. Hallel’s slaughter was a tragedy. And the very next day, nebbich, another tragic korbon. A husband and father murdered in front of a couple of his children, and his wife now fights for her own life. My family tragedy is a tragedy of ALL of us. His tragedy, that of Dafna Meir, the Fogels, the Henkins, Shoshana Greenbaum O”H, the only child of her parents who was expecting her own first baby, and all the names mentioned AND MORE who were not, these are ALL our mishpacha, even though only Hallel was close blood to me.

    Our middos tovos and mitzvos DO elicit positive response from HKB”H. We don’t want to see more korbonos, unless they are brought by our Kohanim in the Beis Hamildash. So each of us has the koach to help bring that day one day closer. I don’t ever again want to hear the anguish to which my cousin gave voice on Thursday, and will forever be feeling until Yemos Hamashiach, coming from the mouth of another Yiddishe mama.


    It is never ending. 2 1st cousins of mine, walked into a bomb exactly 4 decades ago, few short days after this miraculous Entebbe Raid, and still now 4 decades later, are dealing with injuries from this atrocity.

    Netanyohu should be well cognizant & attuned to this, as he commemorates the 4th decade Johrzeit of his brother, Yonatan ZT’L, next Tuesday, Tammuz 6th.

    I surmise that Obama, then a young teenager, was next door in Kenya, during the Entebbe Raid.


    147, decades later the pain is still fresh. I empathize with the tragic loss of your own relatives. May Hashem bring us the Geulah we need so badly.

    I. M. Shluffin

    There are no words, in Hebrew, English, or otherwise, that are sufficient to encapsulate the pain you have surely been experiencing. This incomprehensible tragedy has broken your family’s hearts, and it has also broken the hearts of every single one of your Jewish brothers and sisters all over the world. I don’t know you. But I am crying for you; I am crying for Hallel; I am crying for the collective Jewish nation, our family. Hallel had a beautiful, pure soul. She was so full of life, full of purpose. The angel of death may have taken away her body, in only an instant, but he cannot ever take away Hallel’s cherished memory and the affect she had on the world. Perhaps she had an even greater affect on the world after her short lifetime. All of the ideals that she stood for, all of the wonderful, beautiful characteristics she embodied, and all she hoped and longed for should be an inspiration for our national teshuva. She is now closer to Hashem than we can ever get, but her life should help us all strive higher and come close to Hashem as well.

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    Oomis:- They are still alive, but are for ever dealing with health issues; Still receive free car from Israeli government as well as other amenities;


    “I surmise that Obama, then a young teenager, was next door in Kenya, during the Entebbe Raid.”

    You surmise wrong. He was in Hawaii. The younger Barack Obama never visited Kenya until he was an adult.


    BDE. May her pure soul be a mealitz yosher for her family and for all of Klal Yisroel, ??? ???? ?????? ?? ???? ???????? ??.


    I thank all of you for your sympathy and chizuk. I just spoke to my cousin (the Bubby)the other day, and the family is pulling together. They accept the Din, but are trying to make sense of it, and take steps to try to ensure that no other family goes through such a tragedy as they did.

    The Best Bubby

    Our second son’s best friend in Ramat Beit Shemesh, named their new born daughter Ayelet Hallel, in memory of Hallel Yaffa H’YD.

    Wishing everyone arichat yamim, many simachot with simcha and an abundance of HAGEFEN!

    Mazel Tov! – 29

    The Best Bubby

    Only simchas 29 and all klal Yisrael!

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