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    Aside for the obvious problem, right now, of the physically dangerous repercussions of making a Korban Pesach in its place, what would be the issue, theoretically?

    There is the famous issue that is brought up, about the necessity to have the Mizbe’ach in the exact spot, something which we need a Navi for. However, during the Galus Bavel they brought the Korban Tamid, without the Mizbe’ach.


    Your first reason is the reason. For your second, I believe the Chasam Sofer has a solution


    We don’t know which animal is the biblical ???. There are many breeds from the sheep family, including Dall Sheep which run wild in Alaska and are hunted for food.


    We are not alowed to enter the makom hamikdash without the eifer parah adumah.

    Feif Un

    Isn’t there a rule that if almost everyone is tamei meis then you’re allowed? I thought the issue was that we’re not allowed to go where the kodesh kadashim was, and we don’t know exactly where that is.


    Hey, one minute, popa, we are talking Halacha!

    I considered that.

    My answer is that this whole issue is not actually relevant, since the law is clear and the whole debate here is academic.

    I’m not sure this is a good distinction.

    DY will need to decide.



    We don’t need to go into the Kodesh Kadashim for a Korban Pesach.


    Do we know which breed of sheep is the ??? of the torah?

    There are many breeds of sheep, and they are very different. Like the Dall Sheep in Alaska which runs wild and is hunted.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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