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    As a non-Jew, I am curious to know what you Jews think a non-Jew can attain in the next world? Also, if you believe Judaism is the best, why hasn’t anyone tried to convince e or anyone else I know to become Jewish.

    alternate view

    Not sure about the Next World. However Jews don’t proselytise to non-Jews because they lived pretty much as guests in the land of others. If they had been proselytizing, they could have been evicted.

    Also, non-Jews don’t need to follow the 613 mitzvot. Instead they just have to follow 7 Noahide laws.

    Prohibition of Idolatry

    Prohibition of Murder

    Prohibition of Theft

    Prohibition of Sexual immorality

    Prohibition of Blasphemy

    Prohibition of eating flesh taken from an animal while it is still alive

    Establishment of courts of law


    Jews have always believed that “All nations have a share in the world to come,” and also that non-Jews are required to fulfill the seven Noahide laws, which contain many sub-laws and details. There are some threads on Mi Yodea (Stack Exchange) about this — which probably have more detailed sources that you’re likely to get in answers on this site.

    There is actually a growing Noahide movement, to the extent that its becoming a full-fledged religion, with organizations, prayer books and everything. It is believed that eventually, in the Messianic era, the entire world will be either Noahides or Jews. Whether one can be a Noahide while retaining beliefs and practices of other religions is a source of disagreement, I think, but most authorities hold that other religions are forbidden to non-Jews.

    In any event, if you believe in the truth of Judaism, then there’s no need to become Jewish, because you will definitely earn a share in the world to come by following the Seven Noahide Laws. Following the Noahide laws is much easier than being an observant Jew, because there are many fewer laws.

    However, if you end up feeling a strong desire to become part of the Jewish people, and want to permanent accept the yoke of all the mitzvot required of Jews, then you can convert.

    Keep in mind that this is a simplified version of things. We also believe in reincarnation, purgatory, and there is the concept of many different levels inside heaven (gan eden or olam haba.) Some (such as the Bilvavi Mishkahn Evneh) even argue that our spiritual experience in the afterlife is dependent on the spiritual experiences we have here — in other words, seeking as deep of spirituality as we can should be a priority in addition to mitzvah observance and the improvement of our character traits. Breslovers would probably say that even non-Jews should spend an hour a day in solitary personal prayer (hisbodedus) to God in their own words, in order to achieve the level you are meant to achieve in this world. So when you get down to specific hashkafos (theologies) within Judaism, the answer (to the general question of what non-Jews should do to “earn the world to come”) may change somewhat.


    We are taught every righteous person, jewish or not, will receive their reward. There is no reason to become a Jew, we wish happiness and fulfillment to every human being. Jewish religious authorities already expressed their respect and friendship towards the new pontiff of the catholic church, and we wish him well in his work.


    Thanks for the replies and especially to “yytz”. It was very thoughtfully said.


    “why hasn’t anyone tried to convince me or anyone else I know to become Jewish.”

    Jews believe that judaism is for jews. non jews do not subscribe to the christian doctrine that says “believe in my guy or be damned for all eternity”. the righteous will receive their just reward.


    Thanks, JasonX — you’re welcome!


    Jews believe that G-d created every living being, and every object for that matter, for a purpose. As far as a person has control over his or her actions, more so than, shall we say, a rock or a chicken, he can attain his reward by fulfilling his purpose. Since it’s a bit mysterious and we can’t be sure exactly what we are meant to achieve, we follow the blueprints we have been given. For a Jew this is the Torah. For a non-Jew, as others have said, there are the 7 Noahide Laws. If you believe in your Creator, observe these laws, and behave with kindness, honesty and decency to your fellow human beings, you are sure to attain your reward. Jews do not believe that every person has to fulfill the exact same requirements. A Jewish woman does not have to observe all of the the same commandments as a man; a Cohen,or priest, has different requirements than an Israelite; a Jew has different requirements than a non- Jew. This does not imply that one person will necessarily receive a greater reward than an other, as each person is judged based on his own achievement of his personal goals, taking into account his G-d given talents and limitations.

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