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    lets start getting ready for purim

    Good idea. Come back on Rosh Chodesh Adar and remind me to re-open this thread. :o) YW Moderator-72





    iBump 2.0

    whats cool, getting ready for purim or the fact that someone else can bump a five year old thread?


    Both! But what’s cool is that no reminder was necessary…


    yeah that is really cool!! sooo lets get ready for PURIIM!!!!!!!!


    I’d like to say “BUMP” in honor of this coming shabbos- shabbos mevarchim for adar aleph


    yay, what should do this year for Purim? salmon or gefilte fish


    try to be b’simcha this year on Purim-& all year round-WITHOUT getting drunk. the truth is you don’t need to get drunk in order to be b’simcha.

    many other ways to live a life of happiness 24/7 include:

    1)look at the positive of every situation you are going through

    2)have faith & trust in Hashem in everything in Life & you will always be happy cause you will know deep inside you that theres no excuse for sadness cause bottom line in life is that everything Hashem does is for our good…

    3)look at everything Hashem has given you in your life & feel grateful & appreciate it to Hashem. with true thanks from your heart to Hashem.

    When this becomes a part of your life you can feel the real level of Simcha-like on Purim-everyday without any drinking

    B1g B0y

    It’s brought down in halacha that one should get drunk on purim.

    I agree that the rest of the year (including simchas torah) there is no need to get drunk to be b’simcha.

    Please don’t post things that are k’negged halacha


    There needs to be a balance. Drink if you want, but do it responsibly, like don’t make yourself sick, and don’t drive.

    Happy Adar and Purim and year 🙂


    Why have all the adar/purim threads been bumped?



    shmutz face

    mdt: they were asking why it was bumped not asking for it to be bumped


    Well Shmutz, when it comes to purim some things don’t need a reason. They just are.


    Why doesn’t the coffeeroom bumper bump Obama out and replace him with entertainer Trump?

    He’s an expert bumper. Much better then my car bumper YWN is lucky to have him.



Viewing 17 posts - 1 through 17 (of 17 total)
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