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    Before purim I was shopping for wine and had bought 90 dollars of wine which my father told me to get. As I was about to check out I quickly grabbed a specific wine and included that in the purchase. Later on I couldn’t understand what made me buy it until I realized that I had recently saw a cute advertisment video for this brand of wine.

    the plumber

    Wow! Its hashgachah pratis! You just saw an ad for a wine and you went shopping for wine within a short range! Hashem definitely runs the world!


    for sure works. I was in shoprite for a pharmacy item and while I was checking out I noticed apple chips by gefen that I had just seen advertised, decided to try it.

    I cant imagine I wouldve noticed it if not for the ad



    “I bought a specific brand for no conscious reason, then

    realized I’d bought it because I’d liked an ad for it.”

    Another poster:

    “I noticed a product because I’d seen an ad for it.”

    In other words, the power of an advertisement

    is to make you more aware of a product.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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