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    I stand there and pray…

    As my emotions sway!

    I hold my siddur in my hand tight!

    I find comfort, a shining light!

    My heart is filled with much appreciation

    For I am part of this royal nation!

    To the master, the king

    I get a privilege to daven and sing!!!

    Did you ever think?

    Or each breath, he gives to me.

    Miracles after miracles each day I see!

    I daven.. please accept my teffilah as a whole!

    There is just not enough time to praise you & pray!

    Thank You Hashem!

    am yisrael chai

    This is so beautifully written & inspiring!


    Talk to HaSh-m EVERY day.

    Not just the standard Davening.

    Talk to Him everyday about what is going on in your life.

    If you need something, major or minor, ask for it, but-

    even if there isn’t anything in particular you need,

    talk to Him EVERY day.

    It’s reported that He gives special attention to His regular “customers”.




    eclipse taught me about tefillah in one of her posts where she said that she just learnt to stop and daven to Hashem even in her own words….


    Very beautifull!!


    Thank You! e/o

    It’s really a treasure we all have after I daven I feel so good! I just wanted to share this thought with everyone else!


    i always daven in my own words and thank hashem!

    if the elevator is on the first fl when i arrive i say “thank you hashem”

    we have to learn to talk to hashem constantly even in our own words!


    HAKOL TOV- i do the same..i dont know how i got into it but baruch hashem i do it throughout the day. For example if im waiting to turn by a traffic ligt i say “please hashem just let me be able to turn before it turns red” or if i want a good parking spot i ask hashem…”please find me a good parking spot” and believe it or not 99% of the time i find one right in front of the store i need. Of course when i find the parking spot i say “thank you hashem”…If you dont do this then try it once in a while.. youll see that it makes such a difference in your life and your connection with hashem will be much stronger!

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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