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    Scene 1: The Beginning Of Burn-Out

    [Psychologist Dr. Julie Octagorlyano is in her office, with one of her clients sprawled out on the couch.]

    Patient: My appointment. You told me last week to come back this week.

    J.O.: Do you have any idea why?

    J.O. : Ahh, yes. That is what we call Chronic Truth Avoidance. There are several presenting symptoms of C.T.A. (clears throat, reads from manual) 1. Person or persons will desire to take, steal, or plunder property which is not theirs, but not necessarily want to repair or replace the item afterwards. Therefore, person will DENY the event in its entirety, thereby absolving his or herself from the responsibility to-

    Patient: I TOTALLY have that, Doc! What is the treatment for it?

    Patient: We were also going to address my hostility towards my family. You-

    Patient: Ok, sure.

    Patient: (confused) Is that a bad thing?

    J.O.: Perfectly what?

    J.O.: Your inability to uphold significant relationships due to Chronic Truth Avoidance will alienate you from just about anyone you come in contact with, unless of course they are unaware that you are– or have been– lying to them. How do you feel about living with C.T.A.?

    Patient: (thinks for a moment) Does it hold up well in a courtroom?

    J.O.: Mmmm. Maybe not so much.

    J.O.: Yes. Do you remember being punished when you were a child? For telling the truth?

    J.O.: (nods) MmmHmm. And how old was the little girl who reached that insightful conclusion?

    Patient: ( eagerly) Do you have a sample I can try right now?

    Patient: Thanks. I feel great! Well, see you same time next week, Doc?

    J.O.: Not so fast, you owe me $98.00 for this session.

    J.O.: I have been – sitting here for 42 minutes!

    (patient leaves , closing the door behind him, laughing hysterically)

    End of scene 1


    Great stuff! You are quite talented!


    Welcome back eclipse! I remember how much I used to enjoy reading your posts so when I saw your name today under “last poster” I was pleasantly surprised, to say the least. So welcome back! (You probably don’t remember me because I lurk much more than I post, so don’t feel bad if you don’t recognize my username.)

    I enjoyed reading the two installments of your comedy. Thanks for providing my entertainment for the day! I sure hope you continue it because I’d love to hear what happens next. I can see this being a big hit somewhere… hope you find somebody to buy the script off of you!


    Thanks everyone. Your words really warm my heart. I am happy you pointed that out,Goq- that not all therapy is like that,of course you are right. But occasional satire is a “therapy” of sorts,too!


    Hope you read this before Part 2:)

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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