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    For as long as i can remember.. (how old is this tape?) Every time my father comes home he calls out- Honey! Im home! and then yells out- biiiiig deal.. (did i just give away my identity?) i absolutely love this tape:) why is there only one? Imagine if there was one for all the holidays! Nobody would need TV!

    Just Smile

    I’ll have to come out of retirement for this one.

    We’ll tell you, what to do, build a gallows for the jew, make sure its fifty cubits high. Tomorrow morning go to the king, get him into the swing of things, by handing that Jew Mordechai.


    You people are nuts! But I had a good laugh!

    not I

    Boy do I love that tape!!

    WE used to listen to it in school as a kid as we were coloring our ‘megilla.’

    R’ Yisroel Greenwald was involved in that.. very talented!


    I know the person who was Esther and the guy who sings here comes Haman and the narrator. That was an awesome tape! Every Purim (and the month before and after) that tape comes back to life in my house a real classic!


    Shticky Guy

    This is a thread for all those HUGE fans of The Purim Story by Torahvision. The greatest tape out there on the Purim story!

    Sorry – is this the double cd by Aderet? I couldnt find a cd under Torahvision. (It has a green cover and says 90 mins of non-stop action and wit). Can anyone confirm? Thanx.


    i love this thread!!!! my friend and i were just typing it in computer class one day when we were really bored. and it was playing in my house the other day. i think anyone who ever heard it loves it

    not telling

    Oh, I love this tape!!! It’s my family’s favorite!!!!

    Shticky Guy

    Just Smile: Please tell me the exact details of the cd/cassette cos I’d love to get one. Anyone know where I can get it from?

    Shticky Guy

    Can ANY of you posters above tell me the exact details of the cd/cassette cos I’d love to get one. I found one on 2 sites called the purim story released by aderet in Feb 2006. Is it the right one:

    The Purim Story

    Two Cassettes or Double CD

    Ages 4-7, 8-11

    Label: Aderet Records

    Step back in time and experience one of the most suspenseful episodes in Jewish history. Hear Mordechai as he warns the people not to attend the King’s banquet. Listen to Haman and Achashverosh scheme to destroy the Jews. Follow the saga of B’nai Yisroel as they return to Hashem. It’s all here in The Purim Story. Over 90 minutes of non-stop action and wit that children and adults will both love!

    The other says:

    Release date:

    Feb 16, 2006The Purim Story




    my fave tape of all time 🙂

    “oh yes, i like fish, specially with bread crumbs and lemon juice” LOL!


    Shticky- i believe its the first one you wrote. I remember it was produced by “Toravision” and when i googled it it mentioned it. Good luck and enjoy its worth it!

    Shticky Guy

    Thank you blinky!

    Just Smile

    Sorry for the delayed response – recovering from my umpteenth adar hangover

    I belive it is – I guess Aderet started producing it in 2006.

    I found it on Mostly Music

    I know it was by Sruly Greenwald and clicking on the cover looks like it says by Sruly Greenwald

    Shticky Guy

    Many Thanx to you too, just smile. Thats exactly the one I meant, tho cos its only 4 yrs old I thought either most posters here are far younger than me if this is what they listened to in their youth, or its been rereleased, or its the wrong one. Ok i’m gonna buy it. Thanx everyone and especially just smile for bringing this to my attention. By the way why have you already had umpteen hangovers? Even Homon only had one…


    ……, is he the one you said your gonna take over his house after he gets killed? PIPE DOWN JUNIOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I love this thread!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i figured out that whoever knows the tape knows it by heart!!!


    oh my gosh! i love it!we were just listening to it in megilah class today cuz half our class was excused so we convinced our teacher to let us listen to it (after all we are learning megillas esther!- but we only learn it with malbim because she feels it is prob the most exact without medrashim!)! sad part was that majority of the girls didn’t get what a lot of the stuff were alluding to!!


    Just Smile:yes, on the cover it does say by Sruly Greenwald.

    Just Smile

    Boy, if this is what Reshaim get in this world, imagine what’s in store for tzadikim like Mordechai, in Olam Haba!

    Wait! What do you mean tzadikim like Mordechai? You should say tzadikim like me. You think I’m at this party to enjoy myself and have a good time? Absolutely not. I’m doing it all for the sake of Hashem.

    Feif Un

    A toast! Light or dark?

    I like mine dark, Your Majesty.


    Feif Un

    What about the soundtrack? Not the actual songs, just the music playing at various times.

    At the beginning, when they say “The Purim (urim urim urim) Story (ory ory ory), the music playing is from a Disney movie called The Black Hole.

    When Esther is outside Achashveirosh’s door, they play music from Star Trek II.

    When Charvonah is telling them about the gallows that Haman built, they play circus music.

    I’m sure I missed some more, can anyone remember them?

    Just Smile

    Feif Un – The music during the vashti scene is The theme music for the Wicked Withch of the West in The Wizard of Oz

    Just Smile

    Mordechai is still standing nearby. We’ll have to talk in the language of Tarshish, so no one, not even that Mordechai, will be able to understand us. Say?

    Now the plan is like this. Say?

    Ajibga binga boonga biga. Je bar gooza ega ooga biga booga.

    And I get the poison snake, right?

    And I put it in the kings water, right?

    OK. Boss, this is a great idea.

    Ha ha ha!


    OK – this brought me out of retirement.

    How can you forget:

    “Operator, I would like to make a Persian to Persian call…”

    The Grump

    Just Smile

    GrumpyOldMan – close but no cigar

    The line is “Should I make that call Persian to Persian?”


    @Just Smile You could be right – I will have to bring out the old tape recorder (was it on my reel to reel or the 8 track?) to see if you are correct. At my age my memory is not what it used to be. I remember having a better memory, but maybe not 😉


    Just Smile

    @GrumpyOldMan – I believe it is when Achasveirosh (sp?) busts up Bigson and Seresh. The problem is, my old tapes that I made int mp3 a few years ago gets cut off in middle – right after esther told him – so I can’t hear it. 🙁


    I can’t thank you enough for this thread!!

    Feif Un -not quite soundtrack but sound effects:

    “There is a certain people in your <star wars ala darth vader voice> EMPIRE…”

    the Sunday morning cartoon sound effects everywhere,

    Torah avenue music when ‘yogi’ says to ‘boo boo’ “I grew up on Torah aaaaaaand mitzvos”

    I’ll have to listen to it another thousand times this weekend to see if I missed any.


    shticky – I’m waiting to hear your favorite part. I am sure you ran out to the store and bought it by now 😉

    Shticky Guy

    I will bln get it this week and then after listening to it and then rereading this entire thread (so that I can join in understanding the comments) I will enjoy posting my best parts – if my kids allow me to borrow the cd! I’m away till mid week so after that…

    Ps on a serious note, if you really want an amazing version of the purim story, learn thru megillas esther with ibn ezra!


    Im testing my memory, here goes…

    servant boy: “Thhheee pppppagges are tttturning all bbbbyy thethemthemselves!”

    King: “Would you stop stammering, go ahead and read the story will you!!!!”

    SB: “Ok, mordechai saves king from assasination plot, Bigson and Zeresh killed, thats the shortest story i’ve ever heard”

    King: “And what was his reward?”

    SB: “His reward was nothing he did it out of loyalty to the king”

    Anyone want to finish the scene?

    YW Moderator-42

    I was listening to R’ Shafier’s 4 part shiur on the Megilla. It is a great shiur. A lot of the stuff in it I knew already from The Purim Story tape. It was interesting to hear all the mekoros. I recommend this highly:

    YW Moderator-42

    blinque, I think it’s “hung”, not “killed”

    Youuuuur Majestyyyyyyy. It is IIII. Haaaaamaaaaan. Who is plotting agaaaaainst youuuuuuuuu. I have come to kiiiiiiiiiiiil you hahahahaha

    frum not crum

    Here comes Haman! Second to the king! Everybody down! To your knees!


    Hey Mordechai!

    Who wants to continue?

    Shticky Guy

    Guardmytongue I wrote a few of my favorite parts. Most of them are already listed here eg the fish, the torah avenue, the persian to persian call, who is the most filthy despicable man in the world… Daddy Homon, when the guard says you were supposed to lead the horse not follow it etc.

    Other gr8 parts include when homon’s son asks him if the lots are still under warranty cos they keep failing, and that nissan and iyar are baaaaad months cos of korban pesach and pesach sheni.

    Also when reading the king’s chronicles… Tales (tails) of vashti? No that one’s way too long!

    And as mordechai gets up on the horse… You must be getting a kick out of all this… No you are! *kick*. Ugh!’

    Its all amazing. Thanx to everyone.

    Just Smile

    All of us here in this thread welcome Shticky Guy to The Official “The PURIM (urim) STORY (ory) Fan Club”.

    Glad to have you here!

    Shticky Guy

    Just Smile: Wow! A welcome from the Baal Achsanya him/herself! Thank you!

    My problem is that its so hard to get the cd away from the kids that I can only listen to bits and pieces at a time. I heard the entire bigson and seresh episode today, so here’s my best parts:

    1. When they keep saying to Achashverosh (who could have them killed for the most minor reason): “sure thing king”.

    2. On their way to the gallows when Seresh says “sorry Bigson it wont happen again!”

    3. When they discuss their plot initially and mordechai goes over to them and says: “Can I help you gentlemen?”

    Bigson: Yes mordechai, we were wondering how we could kill the… urgh!

    Seresh: … The King’s poultry.

    Bigson: Hey excuse me Seresh! Like we were saying, Mordechai do you have any ideas how we can…

    Seresh: …er … Cook his goose.

    Bigson: Or else we’ll make the king a real dead duck!

    Just Smile

    Shticky guy: No problem

    My mp3 file is in 4 parts – I ripped it years ago from the tapes I ha when I was a kid. The problem is that something went wrong during the ripping and i’m missing a portion of it. Would you be able to rip the cd and send it to me? (I don’t think there would be any halachic problems as I own it.)

    MODS – can you send Shticky Guy my email address so he can email me?


    Just Smile – I am not trying to tell you what to do. Vut I was always wondering if that is permissable, becuase tapes are usualy half the price of the CD’s. I wonder why they are more, definetly not because it costs more to produce, because the production difference is only a few cents. If it is permissable its a good way to save a few bucks.

    Just Smile

    real-brisker – There were no such things as cd’s then my parents bought it for me. If there were, we would get it on CD.

    I think it’s more expensive on CD because there is more you can do with it.

    I asked a shaylah once if I can rip my tapes to mp3. I was told that since when you bought it it was the only way it was sold it’s ok, but you can’ buy it with the intention to rip so you can save a few bucks.


    JS – Thats an interesting psak, that the producer is only giving you the music to listen to in certain ways!


    My kids have this CD and I think it’s incredibly well done. I do have one little issue with it and I was wondering if I was the only one bothered by it or not. The words “Tell your stupid master” did not sit well with me. I understand the context and who’s saying it about whom, but language that doesn’t pass in our house and it really disturbed me. The “Here comes Haman” song was also just a tad too jazzed up for my taste. Is it just my sensitivity or did anyone else here have issues with it?

    Shticky Guy

    MiA thats my son’s best part. We’re just the wrong generation! (Its only short and its not too bad imo). We dont fully understand the salomi baloni part. Is it just funny sounding?

    Now that i’ve done shnayim mikra v’echad targum on most of the story, i’ve a problem that i’m sure some maiven can answer:

    During the using of the lots when homon goes thru the days (daze of the weak!!) and months, for marcheshvan the bas kol says soro imaynu maysoh. So why wasnt that a perfect month to choose? Instead he chose adar when moshe died? Whats the difference?


    Mother- you do have a valid point, though i have to confess “Stupid Master” didn’t bother me. But the Haman song did in some way- not that its bad or anything but its also too jazzy for my taste too.

    Either way I still think its a great tape, i just listened to it last night and it really got me in the mood of Purim!

    Shticky Guy

    Blinquie hi, long time no appear,

    Its been a long time since I saw you here,

    What is your reason?

    A busy season?

    Then we wont see you till early next year!

    What about my shver shayloh? You’re usually good at these things. Did you blink and miss it??


    Thank you all very much, because of this thread (and an actual friend’s recommendation) I went out and bought this tape for the kids. B”H, we are all enjoying it! Now, can anyone recommend a good Purim-songs tape, with all the necessary songs sung well to normal music, that a child can sing along with? It would be appreciated.

    A guten chodesh to all.

    i am here

    I am listening to the Purim story now. The part when she made a mistske about her name that now it’s queen Ehster. And they played the tune of oy’d dishama.

    I love the Purim story I can listen to it a million times. It’s the best.

    Shticky Guy

    UM: Rebbe Alter and Pirchei Purim is a collection of regular purim songs for kids to sing along.

    Now of the 98 posts in this thread, can NOBODY, after listening a million times to the cds or cassettes, answer my question on the lots?

    By the way this is post #99 on this thread. Who will be poster #100!??

    Shticky Guy

    I give up! It could be absolutely anybody!


    Thanks, Shticky.

    As for your lots question, according to footnote #1 on page 178 of “Let My Nation Live” by R. Yosef Deutsch: “Sarah’s death was a zechus. After she died, the torch of the Imahos, the Matriarchs, was passed to Rivka. Also, Sarah’s death occurred upon finding out about the Akeidah. The merit of Cheshvan was the Akeidah itself; see Iyun Yaakov to Megillah 13B.)

    Maybe you could also make a case for Moshe’s death being more of a national tragedy, as we technically were not yet a nation at the time of Sarah Imeinu’s passing?

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