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    He exposed the DC for the sewer rats they are and have always been and had the nerve to win an election fair and square.

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    That may be a reason but I think a bigger reason is that he used to be a Democrat and then switched

    In other words he knew the other side and felt it wasn’t true (No different than a גר, those are the ones they hate the most!)


    He saw the weakness in the Republican party and the Evangelicals and he took full advantage of them because he is an experienced snake oil salesman. He realized he could never fool the Democrats.

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    If Democrats can’t be fooled how did 81,000,000 vote for Biden?

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    You’re funny! And if that was true the democrats were just as weak because he beat Hillary too (who won her party’s nomination)

    Keep dreaming


    Jackk, Trump won because he won over “deplorables” who were traditional D base, expanding R reach beyond 47% of taxpayers that Romney so correctly estimated. Very Reaganesque. And he is continuing improving his standing among those groups.

    If you are looking for a positive side of the recent politics, it is that large groups of population decided that they “have nothing to lose” and are now open to voting for two parties which is healthier than when two parties simply rally their bases.

    Note also that “the verdict” might cost T some independent votes but will surely bring T additional votes from the part of the traditional D base – convicted felons and their relatives and friends.


    Actually, no one is quite sure what Trump believes (“America First” or for a strong national defense and support of allies; against all immigration or only against illegals and concerned primarily on impact on employment for American citizens, for or against big government, and for or against states’ rights, etc.). What annoys people about Trump is not his policies, but his rude behavior, which is contrary to how presidents were expected to act (consider the conservative Reagan routinely meeting with the liberal Speaker of the House, and drinking together) Biden is just as confusing and inconsistent on policy as Trump (pro or anti-WOKE, pro-Israel and pro-Ukraine or trying to make sure neither does more than barely survive, pro-working class on tax or wanting to repeal the caps on state taxes and mortgages for the top 10%,etc.), and like Trump, Biden is highly partisan and often insulting.

    Both have conventions and platforms coming up, and will be forced to take positions. It will be interesting.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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