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    GG yekke

    Since nobody posted on 14 i’ll just do one.

    14 children of Leah (according to the peshat that each child had a twin)

    15 Shir Hamalos

    15 steps in the beis hamikdosh

    15 day of Shvat is the birthday for the trees

    15 day of Av is a Yom Tov

    15 day of Tishrei is Succos

    15 day of Nissan is Pesach

    15 day of Adar is (Shushan) Purim

    GG yekke

    15th day of the Omer is Rosh Chodesh


    15 brachos in birchas hashachar


    15 weeks since I found out I’m not accepted to ne seminary…


    iluvbeingjewish, thats so sad! how many did you apply to?


    seventeen is when Yosef was sold

    seventeenth president was Andrew Johnson

    seventeen is when many graduate high school


    This is the seventeenth page

    17 day of Tammuz is when Moshe broke the Luchos

    17 day of Tammuz is when Yerushalayim was surrounded

    17 day of Tammuz was the day of the cheit Haagel


    Route 17 to the catskills


    17 girls in my class


    18- the legal age

    Shticky Guy

    Day 35:

    35mm was my first camera’s film. Remember those? It was an expensive one – it had a built in flash!!

Viewing 10 posts - 801 through 810 (of 810 total)
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