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    Not to question the Torah (Chas V’shalom), I was wondering, why are these minim so special? Specifically the figs, pomegranates and dates. In what way are they better than other fruits? Personally speaking I don’t enjoy pomegranates.


    fruits? Personally speaking I don’t enjoy pomegranates.

    Why not? Just put on a smock and gloves, and enjoy.


    They are fruits that grow abundantly and naturally in Israel, so they are special because Eretz Yisrael is.

    A related question is, are we sure that our barley is the ????? of the chumash?


    IS- i think so. no raayas though.


    I ask because the Rambam says that shiphon and shibbolet shual are types of ?????. Those are translated as rye and oats respectively, neither of which are a kind of barley. So either we’re translating s’ora wrong, or the other two. Also, oats are not indigenous to Eretz Yisrael.


    Itche: There are people who raise Ta’anos against each of the Chamesh Minim. We assume the ones we call them are what the Gemara refers to.

    The Gemara (I believe Sukka 4 or 5a-b) says that we learn out the Halacha of a different Shiur for something from each of the 7 Minim.

    old man

    The most knowledgable people on the topic of identification of plants from Tanach are probably Professor Yehudah Felix and Professor Mordechai Kislev. Professor Kislev is accessible, unfortunately Prof. Felix passed away a few years ago and is accessible only through his many writings.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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