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    @GAW – I don’t understand you. I reread the quote you posted 3x and couldn’t find anything wrong with it. What does it say… “We believe that this new bill will be detrimental to the spiritual health of Klal Yisrael and are therefore protesting.” What is so bad about that?

    You disagree? You’re entitled, but don’t start demanding that everybody share your opinion like the hypocritical Liberals in America.

    No one at either Atzeres stated that soldiers are evil! They stated that the Government is Evil! We stand by that! We always have! And we were here first! The GRA and the BESHT sent Talmidim to Israel way before the Zionists were here! (Not to mention that the early Zionist did whatever they could to starve the religious community to death, literally! This is documented!)

    Also, no one is stating that soldiers are not necessary. However, what is very necessary is not being appreciated by most because the reality is that deep in their hearts they don’t believe that Torah protects us. They look towards the Goyim and say, “they seem to manage fine without the study of Torah”. However, Jews are different! It is a Halacha! HaKol Kol Yaakov! It is our Kol Torah that protects us! The rest is hishtadlus that is necessary only because of the Chet HaRishon.

    As far as the wicked Yori Yanover’s article, his article was written with immense hatred. That is why they fired him.(OK, admittedly they also fired him to save their own skins.)

    So on the one hand we have a protest to protect the Torah and on the other hand we have a man that hates. So what exactly is your problem?


    Softwords – A Ger (not a Gur, but a Ger) is by definition not an Israeli Charaidi. They could be a Quaker (which they may have been, I don’t know).


    Softwords: actually, if you want me to very provocative, I will say that i do not believe that the limud hatorah of certain yechidim makes a difference. Why is the daf hajomi that thousands of working people learn any worse than what the yeshivos do? please provide sources which say that it is only the limmud hatorah of yeshivas that protect us. As a matter of fact, the alef bais of “tinokos shel beis rabbon” is more effective.

    As far as thanks for the learning, I do it every shabbos…look into your davening!

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    DaasYochid: I never said that was their motivation.

    But the Jewish Press op-ed did, so you should not be agreeing, even one iota.

    Miriam, this is about motivation, not about your unfortunate situation.

    Avram in MD, great post, as usual.


    Softwords – What point of mine did you not understand?

    (Since I didn’t state my point, I’m wondering what you think it was).



    Absolutely not. It must be non-Jewish until Mashiach comes BB”A.


    I’m not sure what molesters and others have to do with this.

    Of course I wish all Jews return to Hashem and His Torah.

    As to shmad in Jewish schools, assuming you are referring to traditional Orthodox schools I can’t imagine what shmad you are referring to. I can certainly believe that there are better schools than others, etc. but shmad?


    I don’t believe you are correct. I don’t view YWN as “hating Modern Orthodox” or anyone else for that matter. They may hold that “MO” is not a valid derech (the gedolim back in the time of Rabbi JBS certainly did not agree with his “MO” creation) but this does not mean “hate” of the individual adherents or even hate of the movement itself. On the other hand, not hating does not equal condoning.


    HaKatan – And if we had a choice between living under Arabs as Dhimmi, under the current structure, or separating Church & State which would you choose? I think we all agree that surrendering to the UN or Syria will cause many Jewish deaths, and as such is not possible. Maybe Saudi Arabia?


    Daasyochid: I don’t think that the reality is that they want their kids to stay in the bais madrash so if ppl will die it’ll be someone else. I believe that the reason they refuse to join the army is partly bec Torah is the greatest protection and also that they are afraid that the kids will be pulled by their tayvos as soon as they are tested. However, I do see how an outsider would see that, being that no one davened for the safety of eretz yisrael and only davened that their kids shouldn’t have to join.


    GAW – your statement, “I demand that YWN send an apology letter to the Jewish Press.” implies that you believe that JP was justified in spewing filthy words at other Jews and implying that we couldn’t care less if your sons die! That’s disgusting, repulsive and categorically untrue! Anyone that says such a thing needs to do Teshuvah big time!

    You wrote, “Softwords – A Ger (not a Gur, but a Ger) is by definition not an Israeli Charaidi. They could be a Quaker (which they may have been, I don’t know). “

    I take it that you haven’t read the book. Trust me when you read page 260 you’re going to feel embarrassed for jumping the gun and writing a silly statement. I wasn’t referring to these Gerim directly, but rather an FFB Boyaner Chossid brought down in the book. Don’t worry, we all make mistakes at times.


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