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    far east -I’ve read your posts – I see no questions, just statements. You say you’re just a realist, not a hater -this is fine by me. If this is true -you must have a least one example. Please cite me an example of where a Frum Jew attacked s/o for just following him?

    far east

    Id be hard pressed to find a similar case to this one exactly, but if you want me to find lists of crimes jews have commited it wouldnt be very hard…Either way its a waste of time i dont see where your going with this…it really has nothing to do with the discussion


    far east – Did you travel to Sanford, Fla. to join the protests against the conspiracy that caused an “innocent” teen to be killed?


    And now we find out this. Apparently, NBC cut out part of the 911 call to make it look racially motivated.

    NBC aired this:

    The real call went like this:

    Zimmerman: He looks black.

    At this point, I’m about ready to say that it is just as likely that Zimmerman was actively hunting black men to kill, as it is likely that Zimmerman and Martin knew each other and were in a fight about a tech start up that Martin had started and Zimmerman was providing venture capital to, and using his contractual powers to squeeze out martin in the second round of financing.

    We know absolutely nothing about this story. I’m even willing to believe at this point that nobody was killed, and that Zimmerman is a made up person. I don’t even know that Sanford, FL even exists.

    far east

    Nope health tickets are way to expensive this time of year!!!

    far east

    ON a serious note though i never said i agree with any of the protesting…just that the situation is something that has to be looked into


    Now that George was arrested -I tried reading up about the legality. I’m not a lawyer, but it seems this woman prosecutor and the state have committed a misuse of their powers. If you look at the statues it says a warrant may be issued by peace officers (in other words policemen). No where does it say a prosecutor can issue an arrest warrant. Even the police officer has to be think (probable cause) that a crime was commited. The reason the one officer at the time was probably told to hold off from arresting George -has probably to do with this fact of probable cause. Since he claimed self-defense – I don’t see any probable cause. That is the purpose of the Grand Jury to investigate to see if there is probable cause & to indict if found. And that’s why they called for one at the beginning.

    I’m not a lawyer, but lawyers out there -how is this not a miscarriage of Justice being you can’t just say probable cause for the fun of it?

    I believe this is a miscarriage of Justice and it was done to appease a certain segment of our society and to appease our executive branch!

    And what’s even more unbelieveable – is Not one person screaming in a court for George’s sake – “False arrest” and taking it all the way up if necessary!


    We Americans have come full circle -the people who used to have their rights abused are now abusing others. Sadly, most Americans join up with this abuse of human rights.

    Why is George just being let out of Jail on bond -he should be freed? This is False Arrest. Did you see the picture of his bloody head?

    Where is the Outcry of this Miscarriage of Justice?

    The Prosecutor should be fired due to misconduct. The Governor should be recalled. They aren’t Republicans or conservatives. They remind me more of leaders in Communist Russia.

    Not one person has the guts to stop this Miscarriage of Justice.

    Where are the leaders in America from the White & Hispanic community to demonstrate and threaten violent riots if this innocent man isn’t released right now?!?!

    Wait for some pathetic Jew to tell me here that he did this to himself and it’s one big conspiracy!!!

    How badly we need to get out of this Golus and know the meaning of true Justice!


    i just want to know – those who r not voting for obummer, ur going to vote for romney? talk about religious issues!


    Well he is in a citizens patrol so first of all, what right does he have to follow someone. We had citizens patrols when I lived in Queens. The process is to contact the police if you see something suspicious, period. George was taking matters into his own hands, when he followed the boy and this is a problem if it will be expanded by others.

    I do not want to live in a society where armed citizens can follow me because they think that I look suspicious.

    He did kill someone. Please do not resort to name calling me. This case is too complex and has much grey area. He should have been arrested because on what basis did he kill this teen. Evidence and all this will be certified in court.


    adams: I’m going to advise to you retain what credibility you have by not posting on this thread.

    Just write: I take back everything I have said on this thread, and will go talk about shomer nigiah on the other thread.


    adams -“I do not want to live in a society where armed citizens can follow me because they think that I look suspicious.

    He did kill someone. Please do not resort to name calling me.”

    You left a space between your two paragraphs for s/o to fill in the blank.

    So you think nothing happenned between George following the teen and then killing him?

    Is it remotely possible that the teen violently attacked George and then was killed in self-defense?

    I know it’s also a possibility that George was shaving his head with a razor and cut his head right after shooting s/o, but this is probably a little remote.

    “This case is too complex and has much grey area. He should have been arrested because on what basis did he kill this teen. Evidence and all this will be certified in court.”

    The reason that the case is complex is because the Gov. has committed a miscarriage of justice. The Federal Justice Dept. & Fla.’s State Prosecution’s office are the main culprits.

    Acc. to the law, (I looked up Fla.’s Statutes), in order to arrest s/o you need “probable cause”. There is no “probable cause” because George claims it was self-defense and he has proof of head injury. The only reason he was arrested is because of a Gov. conspiracy. I guess they tried to suppress the pic of George’s head reaching the public but were unsucessful. Now I know why they cancelled the Grand Jury because noone (or almost noone – we always have “Top” Juries like OJ’s & L. Nelson’s) would ever indict considering ALL the evidence.

    Why is it that once people are proven wrong -they keep at it?

    Why is the prosecutor not closing the case? Why isn’t the Governor removing the Prosecutor?

    Why isn’t the Rabble Rousers and the leftists in this country begging for forgiveness?

    These are questions that e/o can answer for themselves.

    One thing I’m happy about is that all these Politicians & Gov. officials who have created this miscarriage of justice, in the name of PC, (once in awhile we have to sacrifice s/o on the altar of PC), will one day be facing Judgment themselves and they aren’t going to get off as easy as the Courts do to criminals in this Country!


    . . . if he gets elected again, I’m moving to germany [sic]

    Germany? Really? Not Eretz Yisroel?


    Here we go again. More evidence of a miscarriage of justice -medical documentation of a broken nose has just come out.

    But what are they talking about now? Letting him go? Of course not! They want to file federal hate crime charges against George. They aren’t happy the tainted Jury will only give him life – they want him to get the death penalty.

    You just gotta love the Good ‘Ole US of A. They don’t believe in the rule of law, just in the rule of PC! And the Pres. is screaming how the Toieva guys deserve the same rights as e/o else. I agree; give them all what they are giving to George -the same rights -the death penalty!


    Yup -Now it was released that the “Victim” had Pot in his system.

    So the Pres. said this guy is representative of what his son would be. So I guess he doesn’t think there is anything wrong with kids becoming pot-heads. If he does, then let him retract his statement and order George released. Without a retraction, one can only assume he stands by his original statement.

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