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    the master had two servants. they were both good servants. they both followed the instructions of the master. how they served him was not the same however.

    an example: one day the master asked each of them for a glass of water.

    the first servant took a glass from the cupboard, put some warm water in it and gave it to the stable boy to bring it to the master. he did just as he was asked, of course.

    the second servant searched for the finest silver goblet, washed it and rinsed it, he looked for scratches in the goblet and buffed them out, he polished the goblet, then filled it with ice cold water which he filtered. he placed it on a silver platter, dressed in his finest clothes and personally brought it to the master, with a bow and a flourish.

    when it came time for the servants to be paid, the master sent his agent to bring the first servant his pay. he was, of course, paid in full, the master is just.

    for the second servant, the master himself brought him into the palace, embraced him with love, sat him down at his own table, fed him the finest delicacies, and kept him by his side, forever.

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