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    So, very soon, when Moshiach comes, what will we do on Tisha B’Av? This is my suggestion:

    We will have the Grandest, Greatest, Biggest, Happiest, Nosiest(?) PARADE!

    And here are some of the planned events:

    – Music by the BHB (The Beis HaMikdash Band)

    – Accompanied by the Leviem Boys Choir

    – Including, Guest Star SINGING SENSATION Singer, Composer, and Musician – The “King” of Jewish Music, well, just, The King: World Renowned Dovid Ben Yishah!

    – Gourmet meal catered by Kohanim Katerers (Glatt, Mashgiach Tamidi, under the strict supervision of Rabbi Aharon Katz)

    – Diveri Torah from HaRav HaGoan HaTzaddik Rabbi Moshe Ben Amram

    – Presents to the kids given by Zaidy Avraham, Grandpa Yitzchok and Saba Yaakov and Bubbie Sara, Grandma Rivka, and Savtas Rochel and Leah

    – Stories from Tanach by Shmuel and Eliyahu (um, Eliyahu will not only tell stories from Tanach but about many other adventures!)

    – Tours of Eretz Yisroel leaving after the parade given by R’ Yeshoua who has much experience touring the land and many fascinating stories about the holy land!

    Date: 9 Av, Every Year

    Place: Beis HaMikdash Boulevard

    Admission Fee: Korbon Olah (suggested, not mandatory)

    Thats what I can come up with now. Feel free to add/suggest what you would like to see!

    Cant wait!!!!


    this sounds like yemos hamashiach straight out of a comic book.


    Feif Un

    Avraham and Yitzchak will be there to greet us.

    Yaakov and his sons will stand by and smile.

    Moshe Rabbeinu will lead us once again.


    Feif, thats “When Moshiach comes…” Im talking about the amazing Tisha BAv Parade that will happen every year! Lets hope he comes today so that we will have enough time to plan it all. Big Q: Speeches in Hebrew Yiddish or English? Whatever it is, make sure that in the Tennis Court there are subtitles!!!


    This year it shall be difficult to utilize the subtitles or even microphones at the sumptuous Tisha b’Ov celebrations, because we still have to observe Shabbos, even in the midst of Tish b’Ov celebrations.

    Then again , Tammuz may commence 1 day earlier after 29 days of Sivon, Al Pi Re’iyoh, considering that all Molados are 1 day early this year, and & then Ov shall commence on Thursday instead of Friday, and Tisha b’Ov shall be on Friday at which time we can use microphones & subtitles. We may just need a short while to make Shabbos preparations & candle lighting before Tisha b’Ov celebrations are over.


    Please note a typo in the Tisha B’av Parade flyrer:

    Admission Fee: Korbon Shlomim (suggested, not mandatory)

    Also, special added features:

    – Etz HaChaim candy distributed by Adam and Chava of Gan Eden Sweets Inc.

    – Petting Zoo and Tevah Tours by Noach and Sons

    – Shidduch Roundtable by R’ Eliezer Eved Avraham

    – Dream Interpretations by Yosef HaTzaddik

    Be there! This Tuesday!! IY”H!



    Halevai. From your keyboard, to Hashem’s Ears.


    Something tells me the Rambam disagrees strongly with this thread.



    actually the zohar says (my rosh yeshiva said it) that when moshiach comes Korach is going to be Kohen Gadol



    free water will be supplied by be’er miriam


    coffee addict: I cannot claim to be a Baki in Zohars, but that doesn’t make sense. It’s against a Passuk and would be an Issur D’oraisa. He’s not from Aharon.



    understood, I’m just quoting the zohar


    I’ll try to find it tomorrow iyH


    You’re joking about something that even

    I won’t touch.


    oomis, Amen!

    Sam2, why would the Rambam disagree?

    coffee addict, we really don’t know what’s going to be. What about the stories of the Chofetz Chaim serving as ??? ????? But I liked your Be’er Miriam idea!

    Rebyidd23, who are you referring to?



    SIDI: He doesn’t think those people will be alive Bimos Hamashiach.


    Sam, just because Moshiach is not synonymous wwith Techiyas Hameisim it doesn’t mean there won’t be any Techiya then. There was Techiya in the times of Eliyahu and Elisha. Moshiash is not less of a Navi.


    You’re deciding what these people should do after Techiyas Hameisim.


    I completely agree with you, RebYidd. Along with Yisgadal comes Yiskadash (or Yissgadeil and Yiskadeish). We sure look forward to meeting the Avos, but they are holy. I wouldn’t go running, shouting Totty did you buy me a present. I would be ashamed to meet their gaze. Perhaps it is worth getting to know some holy people alive today so you gain an understanding in this.


    I finally found it!

    its an arizal (not zohar, sorry)

    if you Google korach future kohen gadol you’ll find it (from r pinto)


    ca: I don’t know what to say. I won’t argue on the Arizal. I’ll just say that, in Nigleh, this would appear to directly contradict a Passuk.

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