The Top Ten Challenges the frum world faces right now.

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    A new year has just begun & hopefully, we’ll be zoche to overcome these serious challenges.
    Here are some well-known issues:
    1. The post kollel parnossah disaster,many former kollel men with large families are unprepared for today’s employment environment causing tremendous stress for them & their families.
    2. thousands of disenfranchised teens & adults are at risk of leaving Yiddishkeit.
    3. The shidduch crises
    4. Rising numbers of broken engagements, divorce, & marital disharmony.
    5.Tuition costs are unsustainable & causing tremendous financial strain on families.
    6. Maintaining Torah values when we are so exposed to the secular world via the internet.
    7.A loss of universally accepted leadership leaves us feeling insecure during these trying times.
    Feel free to add what you think are the most pressing issues we are facing.


    A top 10 list that only has 7 items


    ZD- here’s the rest of the list:
    8. Education standards are dropping. People can’t even count up until 10 these days.
    9. The tendency of burying one’s head in the ground and not facing the pressing issues, so that one can only come up with 7 major challenges.
    10. Placing all the responsibility on the shoulders of others- for example, expecting Haimy to come up with all 10, and not taking responsibility, by heeding his call to “feel free to add what you think..”


    11 . People not having a sense of Humor and taking everything too seriously


    11 . People not having a sense of Humor and taking everything too seriously

    Exactly. Post #1369859 is a perfect example of that.


    1) The frum by rote problem, too many people are just following in the motions, and not thinking about what they’re doing.

    2) The tuition problem, tuition rates are skyrocketing, and no one can afford to pay because they don’t have jobs.

    3) The next-generation kollel problem, where there are no rich fathers to rely on for money.

    4) The current generation kollel problem, where everyone is in learning, cannot afford to support their families, and then leaves kollel to earn a living without the necessary skills to do so.

    5) The over-emphasis on chitzoniyus, and the neglect of the pnimiyus, both in lifestyle and in education, leaving today’s children growing up in a world where what matters is the color of your shirt and the amount of chumras, instead of one’s true emunah and place in life, causing thousands to become irreligious.

    6) The polarization of the Jewish community and educational system, which is turning radically to the right and left, respectively, leaving all those in the middle (this especially affects teenagers) without any place to feel at home, and creates a massive gap in our education system leaving a massive group completely uncatered towards, whereby the community neglects the spiritual needs of an entire segment of the population.

    7) The division in beliefs between all sects of Judaism, leaving us without a clear, united front on major world issues, and leaving us vulnerable to media attacks which massacre the ‘Ultra-Orthodox’ on many issues, and make us look like a divided, infighting nation.

    8) The general education system, including: Schools are only created for A students, leaving B students and the rest in a subpar educational system. That schools are not teaching the proper skills for life, leaving many in the Jewish world without the basic skills to earn a living. That the secular education is Jewish schools is defunct, and not taken seriously, which besides for the obvious problems, it destroys hours a day (resulting in hundreds of hours a year) of a student’s already well-committed time. That special needs students are not being taken care of. That large in-town Jewish communities need to find an efficient bus system, and learn to move away from government money and avoid crimes such as fraud, corruption, and chillul Hashem.

    9) The shidduch crisis, whatever you wish to attribute it to (men starting dating too late, women starting too early, people only wanting A-class shidduchim etc.), leaving thousands of Jewish women unmarried for years, or even life r”l.

    10) The closed-mindedness of the community, that people refuse to hear opposing viewpoints, opposing hashkafos, and refuse to entertain the possibility that things they’re doing may be wrong, morally, hashkafically, and halachically and contributing to many problems in the world today. But most importantly, that almost no one will choose to take action on any of these issues.


    48) People taking it far too seriously when people take them seriously.


    49.Apple) Yids bantering at each other when we have fruit salads to eat.

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