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    the trial of the minibus driver will begin soon. i am a bit disturbed at the families reaction to the tragedy. i know that the driver is a neighbor, and a friend of the family that was killed, but aren’t they going overboard? they are saying he is not guilty and all is from shomayim.(a video on kikarshabos posted today has the father saying they are ‘like brothers’) if they are doing it to lessen his eventual prison term or prevent it altogether, thats a tremendous chesed- but would they do the same if it were another yid? or a non-religious yid, or an arab driver? this question bothers me because i think the answer is no. the mitzvah of chesed applies to all yidden and i think to all people too. if all is from shomayim anyway why not forgive an arab driver to?do you agree? what are your thoughts?


    An arab driver can be suspected that he did the accident purposely. Yet, their neighbor whom they’re so close with, they know he didn’t do it on his own will and they wouldn’t even have a slight suspicion on him.


    its_me: The family’s reaction is a wonderful wholesome demonstration of real true Ahavas Yisroel and Ahavas Hashem. There is no reason the driver should suffer anymore than he already is.

    This would be true for any Yid.


    smartcookie, no terrorist would settle for 7 people unless he knew them and wanted revenge or something. they usually think big and try and go for bigger numbers unfortunately.

    myfreind, in private let them forgive him if they have strong emuna. thats fine with me. but careless driving is why they sat shiva on 7 relatives and they should show displeasure at the poor drivers poor judgment. it was not hashem behind the wheel. they should make it known that they hold him accountable, not dump it on hashem. its the wrong message.

    again, they are entitled to forgive and be freindly with the driver, but in public such a forgiving attitude can plant a dangerous seed in the in the sub sub sub conscious of many a driver, one that says that says hey , ‘its not so bad if you kill a whole family or if you dont drive carefully because you MAY be forgiven by them in the end’. i am not really asking that they should openly condemn him as a rasha, but the family’s reaction is being watched by millions of israelis and i feel that if a more unforgiving reaction would cause just ONE DRIVER to to be more careful for just ONE SECOND, that could save a life or a busload of lives. i think they have an achrayus to zibur more than a yochid, the driver


    i disagree with it’s_me. the family is so right. they are doing what they know is right. this was bashert, and surely, the neighbor did not get into the accident purposely.

    you’re worried about the message to the public? i think ur getting the wrong message. i don’t think ppl will say, “oh, it’s ok to kill a whole family…” i think that they will see what a special nation we are with such firm and true beliefs and such love for one another. and if they don’t realize this now, they’ll get the message sooner or later, one way or the other.

    sorry if this doesn’t seem to make sense. i’m tired and it makes sense when i think of it but i might not be expressing myself so well.

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