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    Doing my best

    Where in the world is Trump on this?
    I understand that the media doesn’t want to condemn China, that’s just how they are, but why isn’t Trump sanctioning all the big corporations using slave labor?
    This is almost (emphasis on almost) like western civilization ignoring the Nazi’s! Where are all the “tough republican politicians”?


    I have not done a lot of research and don’t know who to believe. But there gave been major very brutal terrorist attacks carried out by them. Did the Chinese act first and they responded or did they attack first as many Muslim minorities do and China is responding.
    If China is responding to terrorists that are trying to break away, Can you blame them for wanting to crush the radical Islamists? That’s why you don’t hear much about them.

    Doing my best

    “ Can you blame them for wanting to crush the radical Islamists?”
    Well it would make sense to stop the radicals, but to put an entire ethnicity into concentration camps, sterilize them and sell their forced labor to Nike isn’t really so appropriate.


    It was the Chinese who attacked first. The Uighurs are not Chinese and the area was never Chinese, but the Chinese Empire conquered it in the 18th century, committing genocide against another people in the region, the Dzungars. The Chinese then committed atrocities against the Uighurs, including mass rape of Uighur women (similar to what the Serbs did to the Bosniaks). Uighurs have wanted to be independent again pretty much ever since. A 19th century revolt, joined by a large part of the other large Muslim population in China, the Hui, succeeded for a few years, but was brutally crushed, with many of the survivors fleeing to Russia. (The Hui actually ARE Chinese and have played a major role in Chinese history; many Chinese military leaders have been Hui, and the founder of the Red Guards who played such a destructive role in the Cultural Revolution was Hui.)

    And now the Uighurs are targets of genocide. John Bolton claims that Trump supported China rounding up the Uighurs into concentration camps. What would you do were you a Uighur?


    He’s in the middle of trying to restore some order in democrat cities where their mayors can’t keep their cities safe.


    The last time the US sided with Muslims, it didn’t work out. E.g. Afghanistan.


    You can’t believe Bolton or any other megalomaniac politician. Trump is beginning a civil war with China. There’s just illicit behavior coming from that regime that he might go after the ones affecting America first.


    China is an enemy. Their aggressive policies against American friends is unacceptable. And the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Even President Biden is unlikely to pursue friendly relations with China, those the Democrats plan to defund most of the military which will greatly help China.

    Bolton sees Trump as his enemy, and by that logic he gives up his neo-con views and supports China.


    You would think International Jewry would take more of a stand on this issue, considering their historical experience. Remarkable how they shift between “interests” and “values”, depending on which is more convenient. Seems like this is more of an “interests” situation, antagonizing China is definitely not good for Israel.


    China can get away with things that Israel never could.

    Trump is already critical of China as a whole.

    And Chinese Muslims helped China take over the Uighur region.


    There is no way to condemn China on it. The People’s Republic will lie endlessly to continue it’s persecutions. Not allowing for any independent identities, is crucial to the perception of power structures in the far east. India is always balancing tensions that could leave to civil war. China uses suppression and covert genocide to maintain it’s grip. This is why China was on the human rights council for so long. When abuses are critical to a government’s identity, they do all they can to legitimize it. Would you start a world war over this?

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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