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    Acording to isreili ambassador Gilad erdan
    80 percent of un resolutions in 2020 were against israel
    While only Condeming China once which has killed 80 milion
    Uyghurs in the last seventy years, while only Condeming Siria
    Twice which has killed half a million of its own citizens in the last
    Six years, while only Condeming Iran once which is the biggest
    Suporter of terorsim in the world, the only possible counclusion
    Is that the Un is anti semitic



    100% true.
    It has been true for decades.


    I blame Israel for staying in the UN where she keeps on getting bullied continously. There are many countries that are not part of the UN. By staying on as a member, Israel grants legitimately to these pack of wolves.

    The problem with many secular Israelis, especially those in the political sphere, is that they constantly seek validation of other countries. This places them in a weak position and they are used as a punching bag by these UN terrorists to get the attention on Israel and away from the human rights violations in their own countries.


    Philosopher, there are very few countries in the world that aren’t part of the UN.


    All countries in the world are members of the UN, except the Vatican.


    You have to be members of the Un
    If you are not they will still Condem you and than you won’t be
    Able to defend yourself so Beter be in


    While the UN is blatantly anti-Israel and hypocritical, roughly two-thirds of the resolutions adopted by the U.N. Security Council in 2020 dealt with Yemen, Libya, Somalia, Cyprus etc. and NOT with Israel
    I can’t post the URL link but simply google “Resolutions Adopted by the United Nations Secuity Council in 2020” and you will see the list of those resolutions by date and subject. There are several indirect resolutions targeted at EY but those were issued under the title of “The Situation in the Middle East”.


    “There are several indirect resolutions targeted at EY but those were issued under the title of “The Situation in the Middle East”.”

    I read all of them. None of them were targeted at Israel. They were about Syria, Lebanon, and Yemen. There was not a single SC resolution targeting Israel in 2020. Nor has there been in 2021.

    Maybe other UN agencies targeted Israel, but not the Security Council, which is the most important body.

    António Guterres is the best UN Secretary General since Trygve Lie, and the only one since Lie who isn’t anti-Israel. I think his choice represented Divine Intervention. He was recently appointed for a second five year term. Oh, and he is a Socialist! Would that more people on the Left were like him rather than some of the nutty folks we have here in the US


    It isn’t the Security Council that’s the main problem. The United States has a veto there, which they routinely use to veto anti-Israel resolutions. The General Assembly is much more of an issue. And the UN (so-called) “Human Rights” Council devotes most of its time on Israel whilst ignoring North Korea, Iran, Syria, etc.

    WB Dr. Hall!


    Even The resolution United Nations General Assembly Resolution 3379 “Zionism is racism. it doesn’t matter if your Zionist or not Zionism is not racist. even nekurei karta knows that. the U.N. is a clear example how Eisev Soina Yaakov.


    even so I don’t think they fall under the term terrorism. your watering the word down.

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