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    I would like to bring to
    everyone’s attention something that is not very well known and not discussed widely enough. That is the unjust imprisonment of Jews in Israel. Jewish youths who have done the right thing but due to a corrupt police force and courts that are corrupt and stacked against them have been sitting in prison for over a month.
    What was their crime? A little over a month ago a few Jewish girl were being harassed by a group of Arab men. Although this is a common occurrence the Israeli police are content to just look the other way and go back to back to beating Haredi protesters. As a result our two heroes had to step in. They did what every man should do when seeing girls being treated in such a way. They came to the defense of these girls. A fight broke out and they were arrested. The Arabs faced no penalties. Because it’s okay for Arab men to do as they please to Jewish girls according to Israeli police, many of whom are also Arab. Of course the media decided to do jump in and do its part and completely distort the truth.
    This is sadly a common occurrence and a vicious cycle. Arabs hurt our girls, police look away, Jewish men defend the girls, the leftist media lies and demonizes the rescuers. Jewish men go to prison, Arabs get away with it and are free to continue to harm Jewish girls.
    The next issue is the treatment Jews receive in prison. They are held in inhumane conditions. They are not being fed properly and sometimes are forced to go days without food. Often they are subject to physical abuse as well. In one case a prisoner in custody was taken by the police to the bathroom and beaten there so it would not be on video surveillance. So word of this abuse would not get out. I know people who were tortured for weeks in prison by the Shabak. Many of them were driven insane and ended up in psychiatric hospitals after their release.
    I know that this is very difficult to believe that this is happening in an alleged democracy. But it’s the truth. The courts in Israel and the Israeli police are corrupt. It is about time that more people were made aware of this.
    I am asking everybody to pray for Meir Nanach ben Faiga Keren and Yaakov Shlomo ben Samara Sara and all the others who are unjustly imprisoned and abused.


    Every time I read a story about the Evil Tzioyoini Malchus torturing and abusing the innocent pure Chareidi neshomos, I get very very skeptical. Because I have rarely encountered an instance where the true story is what was being reported.


    SKD2128: Welcome to the Zionist Entity. Everything you’ve described, plus much worse, has been ongoing in the non-Jewish State since 1948.


    This post has way to many conspiracy theories to wrap my head around. Are the prison uniforms purposely made of shatnez as well? Do they give the job of checking for bugs to a prisoner with poor eyesight?


    It’s called “preferential treatment for Arabs”, or “Jews as second class citizens”. Now tell that to racist-Arab activist Omar Shakir abusing HRW for his apartheid slur..


    Yserbius: because you are using only conjecture. I have personal experience with the system, and it’s significantly worse than you can imagine. Noone that didn’t go through it doesn’t know what it’s like.

    For example, the prison uniforms are not made of shatnez, but the “Mashgiach” in the kitchen is another prisoner. Not only are these prisoners often careless about halacha, but also there is an obvious conflict of interest where the Mashgiach lives in fear of the institution he has to look over, and I saw one case where the Mashgiach found bugs in the rice, and told that it’s pasul, but there wasn’t enough to replace the afflicted rice, and the completely secular prison warden tried to force the Mashgiach to approve it nonetheless, and when the Mashgiach still refused, he was punished and placed in solitary confinement.


    @doom777 Well, it’s a problem that Jewish prisoners don’t have proper kashrus, but they are still prisoners. All Jews I know that went to prison in Israel did so because of something they did, knowing it was a crime. Some participated in a violent protest, burning and rioting. Some were draft dodgers. A couple tried smuggling.

    While I don’t know the particulars of the case, I do know that it’s ringing a few false new alarm bells. For one, the Mishtara is known to be very rough with Arabs and absolutely do not let them get away with anything. Second, many of these cases of fights between Arabs and Jews are usually something that would have just stopped had everyone just walked away. It’s always some hothead who wants to be a hero that ends up in a street brawl.


    ahhhh, finally some sense in Israel, take these Hilltop Youth and lock them up until they know how to grow up.


    Yseribus: Are you justifying jackbooted Israeli prison guards giving Jewish prisoners only pork every day? That would be no different than what doom777 described happening.

    There is absolutely no justification whatsoever to forcing Jewish prisoners to eat treif, violate Shabbos or force them to do other aveiras. Even if they were completely guilty of violating some Israeli law.

    Additionally, the Zionists put Jews in prison BEFORE trial and before conviction. Some are innocent. Some of the innocent may even be found not guilty in the Zionist court, even if you disregard false convictions and unjust and inhumane laws.


    @ujm No, I’m questioning whether it even happened.


    > In one case a prisoner in custody was taken by the police to the bathroom and beaten there so it would not be on video surveillance.
    Very common occurrence. Sometimes called “Tzevet”. They also put you in 7 day solitary right after, so that you can’t call your lawyer. When the 7 days pass, and you get out and do call him to come, the bruises are mostly gone so there is nothing to document.

    To be fair, they do it to Arabs also, but 1) they shouldn’t do it to anyone, and 2) it’s still double standards because they are much quicker to do it to the Jews.

    To quote a classic:
    “,.-your punishment for having a knife when they searched you would be very different from the thief’s. For him to have a knife was mere misbehavior, tradition, he didn’t know any better. But for you to have one was “terrorism.'” The Gulag Archipelago -Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

    Anyway, I can write an entire book on mistreatment of prisoners by the Shabas. To reiterate, it’s significantly worse than you imagine.


    Having a mashgiach criminal is an appropriate mida kneged mida for being a convicted criminal.

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