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    Am I going to have to look for job then? Or could we still recycle the old goodies? I’m getting nervous…


    If magazines and newspapers never run out of topics than there must be a lot to talk about so dont worry…

    Shopping613 🌠

    Ya always something new happens! It never gets boring in the CR!


    Simple. You do what I do. Sit back and watch the new crop of posters (or old ones that have not yet had their fill of the CR) and see how they re-hash the same topics you fought about 2 years ago.

    Case in point: Beth el. For a split second, I was reliving the biting and scratching I and Soleik went trhu over this topic.

    Did I want to go thru this again? Nah.

    But those were good times, though.


    It already happened. The topics from the past few years are recycling by the dozen.


    How am I supposed to know topics before I was born (to the CR)


    When the Aruch Hashulchan was printed the maskilim complained that they thought there would eventually be no new seforim because people would run out of titles but now they saw they would just switch the words in the titles round. We could do the same here to solve this problem.

    Shopping613 🌠



    “What Happens When We Run Out of Topics? (8 posts)”

    then we have a new “crisis” to dissect, discuss, argue over, blame everyone else for starting, offer solutions for, berate each other over those proposed solutions, deny there is a crisis, start a new machlokes “lshem shamayim” that will tide us over until the next topic.


    where is the best sushi. this is a new topic. try that one. there are all different types of food to discuss. look at yahoo answers, the same questions and answers are repeated a million times.


    kedushaskohen-Welcome to the CR!


    If we run out of topics this one will still remain. forever


    When we run out of topics someone is ALWAYS sure to bring it back to Tznius and/or shidduchim.


    thank you!

    Shopping613 🌠

    Welcome the the CR family…

    Were lovable, cuddlable….

    you get the point.


    What will happen when everything there is to do in the world has already been done? Every book written and read, every possible bit of art and music and all that done? What will we do? We’re only bringing ourselves closer to that horrible event.


    You haven’t taken little me into consideration.

Viewing 17 posts - 1 through 17 (of 17 total)
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