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    Note how over the past number of years the mainstream so-called “progressive” left has intensified its war against white men. Now even faint general praise of white men is deemed racist and condemnable by the left-wing goons who control the mainstream media and entertainment (i.e. Hollywood). The same racism label is automatically applied to anyone not proving support to any prominent non-white or non-male of the leftist persuasion.

    All minorites other than Jews are considered to be a protected class in this leftist mindset.


    That’s not a “Controversial Topic”, it’s a factual statement.

    The left has no rational arguments to present, so it has to resort to the irrational. 2+2=5


    I think we need to amend Poe’s Law. Sometimes I can’t tell if something is satire, trolling (well, it’s @Joseph, so I know it’s trolling, but many here don’t realize that), extremist views, or white supremacy.


    Yserbius the left puts ashkenaz jews in the category of white people.


    Yseribus: You prove my point in the OP. Had this topic raised the issue of blacks being targeted or discriminated against, you’d raise not a word in protest at that possibility. Yet the very mere idea that white’s are being discriminated against (even aside from the fact that it is emphatically true as DovidBT pointed out) you find the concept intolerable and it gets you yelling white supremacist in the true “progressive” mode of attempting to silent dissent against the politically correct line of white guys=bad, minorities=good.


    If one from the other side of the aisle were to complement Joseph for an especially well done satirical troll, wouldn’t that be considered “hate speech” given the source of the compliment and the obvious sarcastic intent plus the fact that it might be deemed to encourage him to engage in even greater heights of rhetorical right- wing and white ashkenazic excess??


    I have heard of exactly two types of people talk about discrimination against white men: those that post in and @Joseph. Make of that fact what you will.


    only White?
    divide et impera

    All decent men


    I’m starting to suspect that Joseph may be white.


    Actually, there are several radical websites in the U.S. that espouse various conspiracy theories about the increasing threat to Western (white) civilization posed by progressive/liberal/modernishe/leftist/etc. trends. Some of these sites are taken down as fast as the social media companies can flag them. The same trend is global as for example, the views on white male suppression espoused by the new VOX right wing party in Spain (with a healthy dose of traditional Catholic ideology). No shortage of hate groups claiming white male victimization. As to Joseph, as much as I’m not a big fan, I truly believe deep down he is a lonely Troller and not a hater.



    Yes, white men in America have it so hard. Gimme a break.


    Where has everybody been? Joseph is correct . The media, media hosts, professors, journalists have attacked white men with increasing ferocity over the last few years. There are too many examples to mention, and if you’ve not paid attention, do the search on any engine and it’s all there. Of late, it’s been bounced around again because Bernie and Joe, frontrunners, are white.
    It’s not some looney group- it’s mainstream. As the late, great Bob Grant predicted some 10 years ago; the white male is becoming the most discriminated against “minority” in the


    Joseph: can you provide a concrete example where the left condemned praise of white men?


    Yseribus — Your lack of knowledge on this clearly indicates that you are not well read. Anywhere outside of extreme leftist circles you will find discrimination against whites widely discussed. Including in mainstream conservative and centrist publications and forums. Whether vis-a-vis “affirmative action”, a topic that has been widely discussed and denounced, not to mention highly litigated against over the past 25+ years, as discriminatory against whites, or whether regarding the more recent “progressive”/leftist denunciations (including in the mainstream press, which as every fair-minded person knows is extremely left-wing) of anyone not supporting virtually any left-wing minority who disagrees with any non-leftist white guy. Or really anyone who disagrees with the liberal agenda, in general.

    You should read more than just the DailyKos and HuffPost, Yseribus. If you would, you couldn’t possibly have missed such an obvious and widely known topic.


    ….Universities, media….. Founding Fathers evil white men.. Racists… Tear down the statues, rip up the Constitution, Decl. of Independence racist.. White privilege, white cop shoots black man, and Hussein O & Holder pontificate before the facts are in..
    Wisconsin Dems realigning districts to limit white vote power, just ask Scott Walker.
    Are you kidding???


    Also, I’m a member if two different unions. Their monthly magazines mailed to us unionites have over the last 18 months increased their shrill about diversity. Diversity, victimhood, diversity, diversity,disadvantaged, racial… Anybody who gets them can easily read between the lines and photos. Not rocket science… Whites are inherently racists. The honchos are mostly white but they ‘re in doglapping, dogwhistling, kowtowing, cowtowing mode that makes you nauseous.
    They’re progressive left on every issue….. of course.
    Condescending preachers of what’s moral..


    The Founding Fathers actually were racist. Whether they should be considered bad individuals or excused as simply reflecting the ambient racism of their time, they did not consider people of other races their equals.


    There’s nothing wrong with that, RY23. Judaism is also like that. It is the truth and reflects the reality of how Hashem created the world and different groups of people, some overall better than others.


    Then as an open racist yourself, why do you think it is so bad for people to assume white people are racist?


    I have no idea what you’re talking about. I simply described Torah Judaism and specifically how Hashem created people and the world. If some non-Jews (whites, blacks or any race) recognize and accept these facts, all the better for it.


    Every race has its own unique Positive proclivities And should be appreciated for them
    Any less would be an unhappy monolithic colorless planet
    Furthermore No race’s blood is redder than any others and nobody is allowed to Lynch anyone else
    And Ultimately
    וידע כל פעול כי אתה פעלתו

    Having settled thus
    Hasn’t the white race Based on whatever heritage generally been politically superior to others and more Suited to positions of strategic Authority Provided is used for the betterment of all And not abused?


    Joseph, historically, white people have been racists and anti-Semites.


    RY23: I don’t believe that is comparatively accurate. Indeed, certainly now and over the past 50 years the non-white population in the United States have been greatest perpetrators of anti-semitic violence, certainly on a per capita basis if not even an actual majority (despite being a minority), compared to the white population.


    Joseph, although there is no dependable data to determine how bad anti-Semitism is, your claims do not seem to be consistent with reality.


    Watch don lemon from CNN: “you know what the problem with America today is? White men.”
    How profound.


    IITFS: And Parshas Noach, with meforshim and medrashim, gives a particular attribute to the children of the forefather of a given race.


    White men are the worst anti-Semites because they resent Ashkenazi Jews for resembling them.


    Not ALL white men. Middle aged, rich, white men.

    The Alter

    And since non frum jews are the ones leading the war on the white race, it creates a great environment for the growth of anti semitism amongst white people.


    Joseph, white people have twisted morals. They spread the belief that being married to multiple wives or to a cousin is worse than being married to someone of the same gender!


    Fwd To the recent present

    John McCain Was stunned his friend Joe Lieberman pushed (with Jewish Senator Carl Levin )
    pushed the overturning of “don’t ask don’t tell” which accelerated the slide in America

    what were the first two states publicly change classic marriage?

    Jewish influenced New York in legislature
    Maryland through referendum
    The few others Only a handful prior were from
    the Bench


    White men it wasn’t.

    when only white men had the suffrage, things were worse?


    Debate with you I will not.


    It’s not a war against “white men.” It’s a war against those white privilege. White privilege is defined as people who overtly or passively promote the marginalization of others. If you’re a white man who respects the rights and humanity of others, this has nothing to do with you. On the other hand, if you’re a white man who shries g’vealt because you were scolded for denigrating other people in word or deed, YES, THERE IS A WAR AGAINST YOUR INTOLERANCE AND DARE I SAY, IGNORANCE.



    Cute silly but a farce
    any study would prove to you that
    is precisely the ones with privilege who( minus a few exceptions) are not the ones suffering
    Those ones will always be sitting pretty and the females will allow them . don’t believe the glass ceiling hype

    It’s the ones who don’t have the privilege are suffering and even life expectancy is going down


    it’s demeaning to refer to women as women
    Surely we are woke enough to recognize that the word “woman” or “women” carries with it centuries and centuries of cruel, misogynistic stereotyping. Even the very existence of the word, ‘woman’ implies that women are somehow different from (not as good as!?) men, otherwise they’d be named ‘men’.

    Since we know men and women (pardon the phrase) are absolutely, in all ways equal. Since we know — per the new ‘wokeness’ attached to transphilia, that men and women can both have babies. Since we know that any outcome differences seen between men & women are due entirely to bias and prejudice… Wouldn’t it make sense to just remove the word ‘women’ (and all its derivatives) from the language.

    AND — since, historically, men have been the privileged ones…the one’s selected to fight & die in endless wars, undertake high-mortality professions


    I’m glad I’m officially a Senior Citizen


    IITFT, mainstream liberals distance themselves from those who say “womxn” or “womyn”, kind of the way mainstream conservatives distance themselves from white supremacists like you.


    lower & middle class males are suffering
    black men are suffering as much as anybody

    Cherrypick this post


    Affirmative action is part of the war against whites. Discriminating against whites is the only legal form of discrimination.


    IITFT, you don’t know what cherry picking is, and all of your posts are written in a very weird writing style.


    You’re all clueless. The way colored-spectrum & white-spectrum people ought to view each other is as “sensitive to issues Outside him/herself” – rather than “s/he’s colored-spectrum (or white-spectrum) and therefore suspect”.

    BTW, if you’d read up on stemcells, you’d see that it’s actually possible (via splicing) to crank out human chimera’s whereby embryo’s can have more than 2 parents.

    So for example, say you’d label:
    indian – Red
    Chinese – Yellow
    African – Black
    European – White

    By dint of splicing, mad-scientists can crank out a baby who can have:
    A red-dad, yellow-dad, black-mom & white-mom
    For a total of 4 genetic parents.
    And they might not stop at 4, because the sky’s the limit.


    Ywnjudy, none of that has any relevance whatsoever, and the first part is written in some strange language where “colored-spectrum” and “white-spectrum” are used.


    If I take off my yarmulke I completely pass for a WASP.

    FWIW, Judaism has no concept of race. I personally know Jews of all races. Our distinction is between Jews and non-Jews.


    Yet for some reason we are places in a category because of our religion.


    Judaism has no concept of race.

    A person whose mother is Jewish, is Jewish. Marriage between Jews and non-Jews is prohibited.

    A lot of people consider that racist.


    Judaism has a concept of nations, some of which are to be dealt with in ways that others are not.

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