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    Sechel HaYashar

    “on a side note why you getting so worked up by someone you think is in mesivta and never went through shas and yorah deah”
    Lechaim, it seems you may not know what Yore De’ah is. The normal expression would be “Shas and Poskim”.

    Neville ChaimBerlin

    Lechaim: CS subsequently admitted to being a meshichist after hundreds of posts of skirting questions. It’s a tough thread to jump into on page 41. Don’t assume just because it’s on YWN that it’s a chabad hate fest. There are questionable methods used by Lubavitchers and Litvaks both in these kind of arguments. You can pick whichever side you want, but not on the basis that this was just an innocent thread trying to explain chabad shittos to those who might be interested. That cover has been blown for probably over a thousand posts now.

    Yechi Hamelech

    coffe addict : “I just learned this גמרא in ראש השנה regarding צדיקים, בנונין, and רשעים that בנונים are people who are 50/50 How does the בעל התניא answer this?”

    Lol. u obv didnt actually learn the Tanya inside, cuz if u did, u wouldn’t have asked that question! the whole reason the Baal hatanya discusses the idea of a beinoni is after he quotes that gemara. he then asks several questions on that gemara, proving that we have to learn it differently. in subsequent perakim he resolves these difficulties by reeinterpreting the gemara to fit with his oopinion.
    please, please, before you ask questions based off of things u heard, first look up the source iself, cuz many times the answers to you questions are right there in the topic of discussion itself. \

    as for your anticipated answer of Abaye looking at himself as a beinoni, the alter rebbe actually disproves that possible answer by saying that it doesnt make sense that abaye who was such a big tzadik that “lo psik pumya m’girsei” could make such a mistake as to call himself a beinoni. being humble is only when there is some basis to the perspective that u are trying to present, not when you grossly misrepresent an outlook on yourself to present yourself in a completely different realm than reality. abaye’s statement of being a beinoni only serves as a support to the alter rebbe’s opinion.

Viewing 3 posts - 2,051 through 2,053 (of 2,053 total)
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