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    Q: What should I do if I’m in a yeshiva where not everyone is exerting a good influence and I have to stay in that yeshiva for now?

    A: I want to tell you something. In every yeshiva there’s an underworld. Not the underworld, let’s say, of New York City, but relatively speaking it’s an underworld. Every yeshiva has a lower class. And therefore, it’s up to you to gravitate towards the better ones. You have to make sure you associate with the best.

    It’s always that way. It’s not only in the yeshivos. In every kehilla, in every congregation, there’s an underworld. There are always a few low people, grumblers, dissatisfied people who like to make trouble. So if you’re a low fellow, you’ll gravitate to them. And you’ll ruin yourself.

    Wherever you go, you’ll have a choice of who to gravitate towards. If you have any sense, you seek out the idealists wherever you are. And therefore, it makes no difference. Wherever you may be, you must always utilize your discretion to choose the very best people with whom to associate. If you want to be the best, make sure to associate with the best.

    Rav Miller, Tape # 624


    Inspiring, excellent advice. Thanks for sharing.


    That’s not what an underworld is.


    Is there a Yeshiva World Underworld too?


    Not always applicable. I was in a school comprised of 2 extremes. There was no “middle class” (at least, not that I know of)

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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