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    I have been feeling more & more (since obsessively checking YWN since the mumbai attack and not able to stop) that the Yetzer Hara’s latest tactic is to get us to waste time (not even from torah – I’m a woman, but even tefilla, cooking, cleaning, laundry, errands…) between emails, checking news, and posting on threads etc…

    The gedolim originally said internet was not good, then conceded “for work”, with whatever filters and the like possible, etc…but I don’t think I’m alone in, needing it for work, and even having a filter, that now I end up using it for everything else too (email, news, online banking, etc etc).

    I feel like now I don’t use the internet for anything “treif” but having very few hours not tending to kids and housework as it is, I end up eating up hours online with “kosher” emails, news, and the like – and not accomplishing even a sliver or what I need to in other “real life” tasks. I also really feel like it’s the Yetzer Hara trying to “disable” me – I guess I should take it as a compliment as he/it must really be “ma’arich” my actions if he/it doesn’t let me out of it’s grip to let me start accomplishing anything, even supposedly “mundane” stuff!

    Does anyone else of the heilige yidden on here feel like I do? I don’t know what to do about it (I tell myself daily just don’t start with the computer and end up giving in to “just email and headlines” and then end up on the comp 4 hours)!!

    I feel like this is the Yetzer Hara’s newest disguised tactic. Maybe in this forum people we can give support to eachother and come up with eitzos (advice) to battle this yetzer hara??? This is one war I think we should start ASAP…maybe if we deal with it appropriately and get to accomplishing, our maasim will be able to bring mashiach, finally be”h – I think the victory would be HUGE in shamayim…

    Please help!

    P.S. – this is in NO WAY c”v putting down YWN – I think giving a kosher forum for news updates etc is extremely important for those of us who have to have internet, and I thank YWN tremendously…my issue is just dealing with the bitul zman and our lack of functioning in life with the computer eating up so much of our time in this world….

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