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    Shticky Guy

    You are all invited. It’s a great pace. No need to be wary of it. No need to shudd…

    No I’m NOT gonna be taken in by the latest fashion to begin a shudder thread. I will not! I have more will power and maturity than that. I’m not even going to mention anything to do with it. Er… Oh.

    What is going on?

    I’m feeling left out and was tempted to begin a thread titled ‘ABOUT SHUDDER THREADS I DO SHUDDER’.

    Every time I left the coffeeroom without doing so, I kept saying to myself “Oh I shudder done it”.

    So here it is.

    And when you begin a new thread it says Enter a few words (called tags) separated by commas to help someone find your topic. So here’s my tag: “shudder”. Now you just can’t miss my thread. It’s called being different and innovative.

    See ya’ll there.

    From Shticky Guy

    Founder, President, Vice President and CEO of

    the CR Shudder Wagon


    From dread of the awesome judgment I do shudder.

    ?????? ???? ???? ?????


    LOOOL shticky very funny.


    I take full responsibility for 10 out of the 14 shudder threads


    Happy Shudder Day!

    (Of course, someone did start an “about shudders” thread, and an

    “About threads containing the words ‘…I do shudder'” thread.)


    why is today Shudder day?


    Saturday? That’s tomorrow.




    I found a page full of “I Do Shudder” threads. Should we bump them?


    Very funny mods.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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