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    I’ll assume that was a compliment. Thank you .


    Not sure about tough.

    But their ways are mysterious and inexplicable, that’s for sure.

    They allow all kinds of propaganda and other nastiness, both pro and anti the medina.

    And I mention Tarpat, and the next thing I know, I disappear!

    The facts, apparently, are what they object to.

    The insulting rhetoric they allow and leave to fester.


    There are too many complicated algorithms involved to clearly explain it all in such a small reply box.


    Golfer, your post disappeared because the post it was responding to was deleted.


    Seriously though, it depends who is on at the time. See, I mod on all even days divisible by 3 with barometric pressures higher than the previous day but only during the daylight hours over the green line. 100 takes rainy days ending in y but only when the locusts are out. 127 posts while oranges are in season but only during mealtimes. I’ll try to put it on a spread sheet so you will know who to forward complaints to.


    Do different mods moderate on different days?


    No. They all moderate on different days.


    They are too strict.

    Not Moderate.


    They are too lenient and too strict at the same time; on average they are moderate.

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    that was moderately funny


    My posts are almost always banned.

    When ever I quote major poskim or post serious divrei Torah that go against the Hashkafa of this website it is removed within 10 minutes. This has happened 6 times in the last 4 days.

    what happened to 70 Panim LaTorah or was that concept forgotten by the “Yeshiva World”?

    Look forward to a serious answer

    Read the moderation memo. We do not allow outside links.


    Yup just happened again in the post about Yom Ha’Atzmaut

    Yup, another outside link.




    And I tried posting a very innocent comment on ‘the cold never bothered me anyway’ and it was blocked. Twice. All I did was quote a line, pretty much what everyone else on the thread was doing. And when I asked why my posts weren’t allowed, that post was also not allowed!

    We have been trying to keep the movie/secular book comments to a minimum. I know this is benign (to many) but then where do you start drawing lines? Unfortunately it has been very difficult.


    Sometimes when posts with questions for the mods are deleted, it is not because they are being blocked, it is simply because they are assumed to be for the mods alone to read.


    It’s pretty clear to anyone who knows the movie that this particular thread was started with that intention, and some of the other comments on there were also direct quotes. So why allow such a thread in the first place?


    Your answer is in your question. I obviously don’t know the movie. And I had been happy to keep it that way.


    Hey, when I tried starting a thread based on what I learnt that day regarding Techilas Shaishes Yemai Beraishis with my Rebbe, it was up for about a minute then deleted!


    .. Old mods too!!


    So if you don’t know the movie, how did you know it was a movie quote that you had to remove it, yet you didn’t realise that the others were also quotes from the same movie? Just trying to get my head round this one.



    You asked

    It’s pretty clear to anyone who knows the movie that this particular thread was started with that intention, . . . So why allow such a thread in the first place?

    My answer to “why allow such a thread in the first place” was that I did NOT know the movie so it was NOT pretty clear. That’s why it was approved. When fourteen people all submitted the same exact line, word for word, in response to the thread, it became obvious.


    let it go, notasheep. (no pun intended)

    I submitted a thread today about my shabbos experience this shabbos, and it wan’t allowed through. The only thing i can see wrong about it is it may have sounded a smidgen racist, but there was nothing trully wrong with it.

    interesting how different the description is from the post . . .


    so my first reaction was like, “oh em gee, this is totally unfair,” but then i was like, “whatever”


    notasheep: I was also posting on that thread “the cold never bothered me anyway”. They let some posts through, then suddenly they stopped. When I asked why, it took a while, but they finally answered me that they didn’t want to promote secular movies. (like they said here).

    It’s funny though. Sometimes they let things through that totally shock me and other times they delete relatively “pareve” things.

    Not sure I get it.


    It’s very deep. Very very deep. In fact let me take a closer loo —


    🍫Syag Lchochma

    gefen – I used to think that too, sometimes, but I realized that it often is up to interpretation. I get bothered when secular books, movies and songs are brought up because I know it encourages my/some kids to look into them when they may not have otherwise done so. And others have gotten offended when certain references were deleted.




    If I would say that….Don’t dare try



    oh, yeah, how ’bout an arm wrestle, tough guy?


    Arm wrestle again?!

    I guess you forgot the incident at Northern Moderator U, when you were just a freshman.

    You still going to physical therapy?


    Is that what happened? I didn’t know why I was having these issues with my arm. My other therapist will make good use of this info, to help me with my other issues. He suspected that I was suppressing some memories.


    Are Mods out of commission today?!? Why are my posts not being posted? Maybe they’re trying out my middos?


    They’re hanging out with me in the moderator lounge. Were discussing old times.

    By the way, 100, it’s about time you get me another double latte. And don’t forget the napkin this time.


    Sorry, I missed your post. I was on a coffee break.

    Do you still want it? Better latte than never.


    You never change. I remember.

    You were just the same when you were moderator 0.5.

    You got the highest grades, from simple Deleting to Poster-Annoying level IV.

    but you never knew how to show the proper respect for the senior moderators.


    In the long term, the standards have definitely been raised. You’ll have to take my word for it, because I’m pretty sure

    demonstrative links wouldn’t be allowed.


    Standards raised? Maybe. But it seems (not scientifically supported) that the much younger crowd has brought along the need.

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