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    my friend and i are hoping to go on vacation to the catskills for about 3 days. any ideas what 2 single girls can do? she doesn’t like boating or amusement parks, so… i could really use some ideas! thanks.


    How about boating and amusement parks?


    gee… you are such a genius!


    Watch your young kids all of them all the time.


    I’ve done all these in my life. I have family with a house in the area of Livingston Manor-Parksville.

    Railroad museum in Roscoe (across from diner, off Rt. 17 and down the block from the IGA)

    Delaware-Ulster Railroad (goes from Arkville to Roxbury). This is a really cool old fashioned railroad ride that goes round-trip.

    Stone and Thistle Farm in East Meredith (they have grass-fed eggs and milk; if you keep chalav yisrael, they’ll let you milk the cows yourself)

    Sunday the 28th, there’s a Civil War reenactment in Liberty.

    There are tons of darling, charming little artisans throughout Sullivan and Delaware counties. The SCVA website has a map and guide to all the artists and their galleries.

    There are lots of really nice farmer markets and flea markets to check out, as well. I recommend Silver Heights Farm in Cochecton Center.

    I love anything involving nature, arts and crafts, music, antiques, animals, trains, etc. They also have lots of zip lines and historical sites and darling little historical reenactments and things like that.

    You must have a car, though. I’d recommend coming on a Sunday and staying until Thursday. When I’d go up to the mountains, that’s what I’d do, so I could either be in the city for Shabbos, or I’d spend Shabbos with families in the bungalow colonies.


    hello??? did anyone read what i wrote? we’re two single girls! what kids? thanks, though!


    The things I mentioned are things that are totally not for kids. What kids do you know like antiquing, visiting galleries, going to concerts, etc.?


    Not nogeiah

    (My phone thinks your screen name should be not Nigerian)

    Have you ever done Segway? There’s a place for that in the Catskills. There’s also horseback riding up there. If you are into fruit picking I heard there are farms upstate that have that and supposedly it is enjoyable from what people who have gone tell me. Never did it though on that scale.

    You can also try googling “fun stuff to do in the Catskills.”


    This has got to be one of the funniest threads ever, if you read all posts here carefully. Reminds me of the Dor Haflaga and their Migdal.

    Not Nogeiah who- you got some great suggestions from WIY and Rebdoniel.

    All I have to add to that is bowling and shopping. Enjoy!


    Rebdoniel she wasn’t talking about your reply.

    YW Moderator-18

    There are many county fairs throughout the country depending on which days you are coming.


    CLARIFICATION: Rebdoniel i was NOT talking to you! i wrote my post before i saw yours. i was referring to “TheGoq” whose comment was totally off the mark. thanks for your suggestions!

    a quick question though: the civil-war reenactment is on the 28th of july or august? i tried googling it, didn’t really come up with much answers.

    we’re going in august.

    and we will iy”H have a car.


    And btw, WIY, that’s really funny!! thanks for sharing that tidbit!

    We’re not such adventurous party animals… i’m rotten at bowling and we’re not really the zip-lining, horseback riding types… nor are we the artsy types…

    beginning to understand our dilemma?

    anyone know of any good bumper-carts around?

    nice parks near liberty, south fallsburg, ellenville, woodridge or woodburne? or around there? i think we’re staying at a hotel in liberty…


    My comment was not specific to you but rather as a warning to all people who vacation in the summer we have seen far too many tragedies that could have been avoided with supervision sorry to hijack your thread mea culpa.


    catch frogs.


    Toi that sounds very ribbiting err riveting.


    there is a go kart place by exit 126 on ny 17 .

    not sure if they have bumper cars too.

    also holiday mountain has some rides/amusements…they close very early so check the times before you go.

    YW Moderator-18

    There are many beautiful parks in there areas you mention. There is Hanofee park in Liberty and Lippman park in Ellenville. There is Morningside park not far from Liberty that has row boats. I think Hanofee park has some kind of boating also. In White Lake you can go speed boating or various other kinds of boating. They also have banana boating.

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