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    i am going to Israel in less than a month anybody has an idea what i should do there


    cancel- just go to lakewood instead


    thats not gonna happen so not the type for lakewood


    i was kidding.

    How old are you? Who are you going with? I’ll try to give you a serious response…

    off the top of my head… Kotel– with tunnel tours, a free tour around the old city which meets at Sha’ar Yaffo (Jaffa Gate) every hour or so, Machaneh Yehuda Shuk in Jerusalem, Mea Shearim– with food stops that could take you an entire day.

    A trip up north.. bike around the kineret, go ATVing, visit the Yarden Winery, go on a hike (it’s really beautiful), the old city of sfat– you could buy artwork up there as well… Meron where Rashbi is buried

    Bnei Brak- visit R’ Chaim, visit the cemetery where many greats are buried…

    Go hiking in the desert down south by Ein Gedi, visit the dead sea, go to the spa there

    I actually rented a bike in Yerushalayim once and rode it to the Dead Sea… it’s almost entirely downhill took about 2 hours… then took the bus back to Jerusalem– LOTS of fun

    Ma’arat Hamachpeila in Chevron…

    There are a lot of kivrei tzadikim everywhere… I can give you more specifics but I don’t know how much of your trip you want to devote to that….

    Make sure to get to the kotel at midnight or later one day… it’s an unforgettably peaceful place and time


    thanks and im going with my grandmother who is b”h healthy thanks for the places it will help me alot


    Two places to go: the burnt house museum in yerushalayim and the coca cola factory in bnei brak. Also, Ir david.




    archeological dig

    biblical zoo

    zip lining

    blind and deaf museum

    Yad Vashem

    Kever Rachel

    water tunnels

    Ein Gedi


    little Israel (or mini Israel -i forgot what it’s called)



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    always here

    brotherofurs~ rivky101 is gonna go zip lining with her grandmother?! LOL 😉


    Banana boating in the kineret (or Ashdod)

    as brother.. wrote – the blind museum really is special, the deaf museum ist as good.

    I was at the Coca Cola factory like 4 times. its great!

    U could always go to a nice beach

    Camal Riding in the desert to Abrahams Tent-A real adventure!!

    theres a great biking place in Beit Shemesh aria,in the forest

    I have more ideas if u need…

    oh u could (or cant) come visit me!! LOL!!


    If you are in Jerusalem, you can do some shopping on Ben Yehuda & then walk to Indepence Park (Gan Ha’atzmaut) for a picnic lunch. It is a very beautiful & peaceful park with little streams flowing through it.


    Falafel tasting


    thanks everyone especially always here…… lol!!

    i will really try some of these places


    You can walk back and forth with kavan that you are being mekayem a mitzvah with every dalet amos that you walk.

    That’s something you can’t do anywhere else.


    Head down to Mizpe Ramon in the Negev on a moonless night and see a night sky the way it *SHOULD* be. With nothing above you but a sky full of stars. (Ok there are places you can do that in the USA too, but none within 3 hours of New York).

    Yes I totally fell in love with the Negev!


    And nobody mentioned Haifa? It’s the most beautiful spot on Earth!

    Walk along the beach (there are various promenades).

    Take in the view from the Louis Promenade at the top of the hill.

    The zoo is small but quite beautiful.

    (Be sure to ride the Carmelit – our subway – when you go up to the promenade or the zoo. It’s worth the experience.)

    The Haifa City Museum will tell you about the history of Haifa (and it’s small so it doesn’t take much time).

    A walk through German Colony is also very nice. (The Haifa City Museum is there.)

    The Hecht Museum is great if you like archaeology (and it’s free!).

    There are several other museums, too. The best ones are the National Maritime Museum and, next door, the Clandestine Immigration and Naval Museum is a lot of fun.

    There is also Madatech, the national science museum, but I’ve never been there.

    If you like art, Castra is a great mall. We have many other malls, too, but if you’ve seen a mall, you’ve seen ’em all. 🙂

    There are several routes marked on maps for various scenic walks throughout Haifa, but I don’t know how old your grandmother is.

    There is Eliyahu’s cave where he hid for some time. (Frankly, it’s a bit disappointing.)

    And of course, you can just walk around the frum neighborhoods and see how friendly all the people are.


    Actually I was thinking of taking a Day trip up to Haifa at some point, I need to travel and Haifa is close enough to my house that we could make it up and back in one day without too much trouble.



    I once spent a week at the yeshiva in mitzpei ramon, it’s beautiful there


    If you’re coming up to Haifa and looking for places to eat, unfortunately, unless you hold by Haifa rabbanut, the pickings are mighty slim.

    For milchigs, try All-American Pizza, and for fleischigs try Falafel Amar. Both are on Bar Kochbah St. There are a few other places too.


    Head down to Mizpe Ramon in the Negev on a moonless night and see a night sky the way it *SHOULD* be. With nothing above you but a sky full of stars.

    Maybe I’ll try this.


    There is Eliyahu’s cave where he hid for some time. (Frankly, it’s a bit disappointing.)

    LOL…I’ve learned that here some of the “BIG” sites tend to be small, but some of the relatively unknown sites are incredibly huge. You have to stay on your toes here.


    haifa girl

    I agree with u- Haifa is seriously stunning. I spent a Shabbos there once


    you can also try the number 99 egged bus that gives u a tour around yerushalayim on a big double decker.

    Or go camel back riding in midbar yehuda

    ganei yehoshua is a beautiful park in tel aviv with lots to do

    and once you’re there u can check out the azrieli towers

    I think theres also a safari in tel aviv but you’ll need to rent a car for that

    there’s also jeeping near bet shemesh

    There is yad vashem in bayit vegan

    Gan Hachayot is also there

    Kad Vachomer is an adorable pottery painting place in the german colony- on emek refaim street

    Gan havradim (near tachana mercazit) should be gorgeous this time of year

    The machane yehuda shuk is always a sight to see (on yaffo)

    There are plenty of gedolim around to get brachos from

    Mini israel is cute but only if you’ve toured most of the country already

    Yam Hamelech

    Make sure you get to kever rochel



    If you are going to head for the desert a simple pair of binoculars can be a major plus when observing. There are also some good star charts you can download for free off the net if you want to know what you are looking for. Feel free to email me if you want some help!


    Thanks for the info HaifaGirl, we will make sure to print out a list before we go. Or just bring a picnic lunch with us


    Ok, wait till next year Pesach and bring the Korbon Pesach. Trust me this will top any of your friend’s adventures.


    “Yes I totally fell in love with the Negev!”

    Speaking about the negev, on the way to Eilat there is a open wilderness area, something like a national park, where you can see beautiful natural things and wild animals. The gov. actually charges to enter – it’s on the right side going south.


    everybody i am so thankful because i was clueless till now


    theres TONS!!! how long will u be there??

    jerusalem…meah shearim, geula, tachana, town….and so much more

    ]up north haifa and tzfat

    yam hamelech there are spas and the ocean and beach and masasda u can climb

    eilat…theres TONS to do in eilat!!! scuba diving, atving, boating and so much more!!!!


    THE BLIND MUSEUM!!!!!!!! its not normal! i think its near tel aviv. if your going up north you could do white water rafting in the jordan river.

    rosh hanikra is AWESOME!!!!

    there is a zoo and waterpark on kibbutz chafetz chaim

    atv ing in midbar yehudah

    ganai yehoshua is GORG with lots to do there.

    the beggen museum if your into history, also yaad vashem and the biblical zoo.

    ammunition hill

    machon hamikdash

    theres always lots of kvarim to visit. (the road to amuka is especially scenic.)


    yam hamelach

    the list is endless………..



    Please do not post in all caps.


    if ur a shwarma fan…u must go to hashamein (in town i think or theres one in eilat) or masov (between center 1 and tachana)…there are many cafes and coffee shoppes like sam booki and mafe neeman, cafe hillel, coffee bean…also if ur in geula, mitz pree is def a must must must!!!! most places are kosher but u should always check the teuda just in case, but whenever im there i always get a shoko bsakeet cause that is so awesome!!! have fun!!


    these are all in the guela or ben yehuda neighborhoods:

    -tzunani (a favorite!)

    -burgers bar – theres one in the old city also

    -shnitzel – not sure if its still there

    -sams bagels

    -koras al haesh – center 1

    -felafel shalem


    -pizza shai


    -cafe rimon – theres one by mamila mall also

    -cafe neeman

    theres a really nice (expensive!) place in rechavia. it has an upstairs and downstairs, i forgot what its called…

    these are just off the top of my head, there are plenty more that slipped my mind….


    …theres a really nice (expensive!) place in rechavia. it has an upstairs and downstairs, i forgot what its called…

    SHEYAN AND KEYARA!! They are both FANTASTIC. Personally, I like Sheyan better, its also a bit chepaer.

    Another Fleishig restaurant in Yerushalayim is Entricot.

    If you want to do more takeout style, there is Burger Bite by Shefa mall on Shamgar. They have great food.


    where is a good place to buy gifts like those stylish siddurs and tehillems all the leather stuff


    Rivky, I’ll keep an eye out for them in Jerusalem & tell you if I find any stores with them.


    rivky101, Shai Leathers on Geula. They have all the leather siddurim, keychains etc…

    For more great gift ideas check out the wood shop in Meah She’arim.


    how much money do i need for three weeks being in israel for sites, food ,and gifts?


    rivky101 for some reason you sound really familiar… i think i know you


    poster – thanx. the names “sheyan” and “kiyara” totally slipped my mind and it was getting frustrating…

    rivky – just walk down malchai yisrael/meah shearim. practically every other store has leather siddurim! and while ur there, make sure to go to ZISALEK!


    shrine of the scroll-showcases the dead sea scrolls, a letter from bar kochba, 2000 yr old teffilin etc.


    well let me tell you (ilovetheholyland) you probably dont know me and there is ????? in boro park im like there every day i love their ice cream but thanks btw what makes you know that you know me


    does anybody know how much money to bring to isreal if i am going for three weeks?

    for trips, gifts, and food


    Because of the info youre saying on your posts.. you fit the description of someone i know really well. i wonder…


    well you probably don’t know me (that’s because i don’t think so)

    so whats the person like that you think i am? list some describtions


    Well i know someone whos going to israel for 3 weeks with her grandmother, just took the global regent.. i meant there could be 30 people doing that besides you but i just have this feeling..


    rivky –

    im assuming u mixed me up with toomuch00. i mean, u sound like a really nice girl and it would be an honor to know you, but i dont think i do…..


    no (toomuch00) asked the question but whatever now i just need some more info on israel im almost going!! (oh now i looked back it was my mistake sorry)


    Rivky, I looked and found leather siddurim in Mount Moriah Bookstore, which is on the way down to the Kotel.

    My friend says that he agrees that Mea Shearim is also a great place to find them.


    Speaking about the negev, on the way to Eilat there is a open wilderness area, something like a national park,

    I think you mean Park Timnah (I may have the name a bit wrong). It is really nice but when I was there for an astronomy trip last summer they would not turn the lights off which rather frustrated a bunch of us astronomers who were there to enjoy dark skies.

    If you like outdoor activities there is no shortage of things to do in Israel, and most are within a few hours drive of Tel Aviv or Jerusalem!


    anybody knows good malls in Israel?

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