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    I was listening to a couple messages recently and they gave a good point about how Jews use to not drink so much Alcohol, just occasionally. And now it’s gotten out of hand. Something to be aware of


    how has it gotten out of hand?



    Teenagers getting drunk on Shabbos by slalom zachors or kiddush by day. A kid was recently rushed to hospital on Shabbos due to alcohol poisoning from drinking too much. Frum boys (shidduch age) as well as girls drink quite a bit at Chasunah and vorts…I have seen guys get drunk or nearly so at simchas.


    i drink my fair share…its not necessarily a matter of when and where a kid drinks as much as how and why. for example if a kid drinks in his dorm because he enjoys it then who cares. if a kid drinks at a club because hes drowning his sorrows then you have a problem. personally i think any problem you may have is simply a lack of awareness about alcohol and lack of proper education. i was brought up in a heavily anti-alcohol house. i drink moderately now, and only when i know that i have no responsibilities the following day, and i know that i will not need to drive any time soon.

    kids are going to drink…when did you start? wanna avoid problems? talk to your kids about it. let them drink some booze at the shabbos table under your supervision. give them an idea of what responsible drinking is.

    oot for life

    I agree with soliek, we need to be proactive talk with our kids before it gets out of hand.

    I was a big drinker and I for sure had my nights that if I could remember them I’d wish I could forget them. Kids mature, we just need to keep them safe until they do.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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