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    What should I do if I’m still in high school, but just can’t stop thinking about my future (aka shidduch)? Is that normal???


    You bet its normal. We all went through it. Just try to relax and ENJOY EACH DAY!!

    Don’t push time!


    Absolutely normal. Your body is chock-full of powerful hormones that will make you a bit crazy for about the next sixty five years. They should settle down in a couple dozen.

    I recommend exercise. Lots of varied exercise including cardio, agility and moderate weightlifting.

    It is fun.

    It will help distract you a bit. Not much, but it will help.

    It will help with your studies.

    It will give you self confidence which will give you many advantages throughout life including the time you’re “on the market” for shidduch.

    And it will be like money in the bank when you are older. Muscle tone, flexibility and good health are easier to maintain than to acquire once you hit thirty. If you get in the habit now it will be much easier then.


    Sure, it’s normal. We call it “the fear of the unknown”.

    But worrying is like a rocking chair, u move and move and get no where. So it really does not pay to worry since there is nothing you can do about it anyways, but pray.



    Of course its normal, and it doesn’t help matters when everyone is yelling CRISIS from the rooftops. Just always know that a person has to do the correct hishtadlut when the time comes, pray, and have emunah and bitachon that hashem will take care of you.


    Totally normal.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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