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    I won’t make this long. It is very rude to stare when hatzolah (or fire trucks) come to someone’s house or picks someone up in the street. It’s an invasion of privacy and I am sure they feel horrible that everyone is looking and ohhing and shushkuning about them. It should never happen to you, but imagine for a second what it would feel like if you chas veshalom had to be taken away in an ambulance. If you gawk please stop!


    Goq, you listening?!


    Thanks WIY. I always gawk at these things. But will now stop after reading your diatribe.


    I am not a gawker… although I play one on TV.

    Oh Shreck!

    I’m totally with you on this. I’ve heard the complaint before, it’s been spoken about. Especially when tznius issues are at play, and the subject feels much more needless discomfort.

    It’s not a real reason, but I think it occurs more by Yidden because of their inner concern, caring attitude. Again, it shouldn’t be a heter, I think that’s just where it comes from. Anyone else would have a natural MYOB attitude. It’s just a Yid’s natural instinct at play. Sometimes one has to overcome natural instincts when it causes another discomfort. (my humble opinion)


    hear hear!


    Actually, gawking is not just by Yidden and has gotten much more invasive with the proliferation of cell phones and tweeting. Look at the recent Hatzolah/Quinn intern story. Nobody in the media had any qualms about photographing/recording the poor girl that fainted. Yes, their standards have always been lower than ours, but this wasn’t some major catastrophe that usually gets broadcast in all its goriness.

    Unfortunately, this everything goes mentality is quickly seeping into our machne. What happened to our ?? ??? ???? ?????

    I’m not at all trying to mitigate the great Kiddush Hashem that resulted from this exposure, just looking at the story from a different vantage point.


    Also, we are plagued by ‘buffers’ that scan hatzalah and show up to ‘exciting’ calls. This is ridiculous, someone is going through a crisis and you entertain yourself by observing it?!

    Also, the kindhearted neighbor that bursts in offering to watch the children only to disappear once she is done checking out what is going on..

    Ctrl Alt Del

    Dont worry. Buffing will go away once everyone goes digital And has encryption on their radios. frankly I’m surprised no one goes with encryption already


    I think I’m going to distribute bumper stickers that say “gawk nisht!” Or one that says “friends don’t let friends gawk.”


    Thanks, WIY!

    As a victim of gawkers when Hatzalah was needed, I’m glad you brought this up. There’s something else I’ve never heard mentioned; I’m hoping because it doesn’t usually happen. It was very embarrassing and upsetting to my family to realize that the whole neighbourhood knew the details of the Hatzalah call due to the lack of discretion of at least one Hatzalah member. While everyone is busy thanking and praising them (as in fact we should), Hatzalah members may forget that they should be careful not to cause unnecessary pain to those they are taking care of by regaling their friends and neighbors with tales of their exploits. Nobody would stand for this kind of “yenta” behavior on the part of other health care professionals. In fact, some of them would probably lose their license to practise for sharing details of their patients’ medical conditions.


    mammele: You are mixing apples and oranges (and bananas.). At the recent medical emergency involving an intern of Ms. Quinn’s entourage, there were no Heimish gawkers at all. There was only the Kiddush Hashem part, where, in a city that employs such a vast, paid emergency response force, it is up to a Jewish volunteer service to handle a medical emergency.


    Yes Toi and i agree wholeheartedly and its not just ambulances how about when a con ed truck is around and the workers are doing repair how do you think they feel being stared at while they work?


    Oh Shreck: Its nice that you judge others favorably. Yidden always gawk, but not because of concern. (you can say, “oy i feel terrible! let me say some tehillim!” while continuing to walk away. Standing and staring is not concern) Its because of nosiness. Everyone has to know everyone else’s business and have the juiciest gossip to share. Its a terrible thing and needs to stop!

    golfer: It’s a terrible thing that happened to you about a hatzalah member violating your privacy. But I think you should not have mentioned the organization due to an isolated incident (i hope!) As a wife of a hatzalah member, i am the last to find out anything! There could be an accident on my block, or he responded to a call from a family member, and i will never know about it until someone else tells me about it. And i know that my husband is not the only one who follows this law.

    I have to admit though that everyone is natuarally curious when an accident occurs. When driving and you are stuck in traffic becasuse of an accident, why is it that for miles before teh accident is there so much traffic? Because as people pass the one or 2 lanes that are open near the accident, they slow to a crawl adn stare for a few seconds. After you pass the accident, you can drive at a normal speed.


    Metro: Sorry if I was unclear. I was responding to Shrek’s assertion that it occurs more by Yidden — that it’s something done by everybody. In today’s world privacy is no longer respected, with the general media a major player. Unfortunately their non-values are being emulated by many of us. Gawking, for some, has expanded to broadcasting online, which is much worse.

    I only brought up the recent case to illustrate the lack of discretion used by the non Jewish media. Not that we were in guilty in this case. Since it was recent and in the public forum already, I thought it was a good example of something that should really be unacceptable (even to non-Jews) as we are without realizing it becoming immune to violations of privacy around us.


    Happens to be I have a great block for this kind of thing (the one time we had an emergency like that, the only people who came out were the ones who helped us- admittedly it was an electrical box fire at two in the morning and I live on a quiet street, but still), but one thing really scarred me. My grandmother has regular (think a few times a week) hospital visits for her medical condition, and one Sukkos, when they were at my cousin’s house, the ambulette service we usually use didn’t show up in time to take her. My grandfather was forced to drive her in on yom tov- you could see that he hated to do it- and a bunch of kids outside playing were all standing by the driveway and staring, talking about the frum yid who was driving on yom tov. I was sickened.

    Luckily by me that’s not the norm, and much more often people are really there to help.

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    You’re toi funny.


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