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    My teacher told us she gets terribly annoyed with our language. She said we’d better cut the words “thingy, like, whatever, um,” etc out of our dictionary. She claimed that teens don’t use a normal vocabulary nowadays and it’s terribly hard to lead an intelligent discussion with them due to this “craziness”. What do you think?


    I understand your teacher. I’m way out of my teen years and still need to get the whatevers out of my vernacular.


    I think it’s totally true.I am glad I grew up in the 80s.


    Let me try being serious, for a change. As I wrote elsewhere, language, speech define a person. Using lackluster vocabulary will give the user a similar type of lifestyle. Learning to be careful in speech will definitely better the person.

    Again, not stepping on any of our Chosheve CR psychologists, doctors, PhDs etc. toes, that’s how it appears to me.


    nah..its normall. As soon as u turn 20 it goes away.


    So slang is like a form of acne?

    Shticky Guy

    I think it’s totally true

    …er does someone want their screenname restoring…??? 🙂


    well, like, i don’t know, if it goes away, you know what i mean, well, whatever….


    As soon as you, like, realize how totally awesome it is to be taken seriously by, like, adults, you’ll agree…


    The overused “like like like” is annoying. “whatever” is here to stay though, & “um” is universal, just with different vowels sometimes.


    Such language is often the result of not stopping for a moment to think what you are about to say and thus need to fill the empty space with a meaningless filler word.


    As far as I’m concerned, that language is the number one argument against socializing with girls, and it applies to girls too!


    when i say whatever im really saying that theres a lot more story behind what im saying whatever about that i would like to spare you from having to listen to a drasha about. (do i make myself clear? lol) Happy now?


    I am with Zeeskite. Proper use of language DOES often affect our perception of a person’s intelligence, sometimes unfairly. We are becoming a nation of inarticulate people. We have dumbed-down curriculae, allowed many people who have no basic spelling and grammatical skills to teach our next generation of students, who will likewise have poor language skills, and we have encouraged the use of “fillers” in normal conversation, in place of real thought and verbal expression.

    I really have trouble when someone is speaking and repeatedly says, “you know,” “like,” “um,” and the ubiquitious “whatever.” Those are poor substitutes for expressing oneself. There was a time when elocution was part of the subjects taught in school, and I think it is time to bring that subject back. (“Elocution??? Didn’t Ben Franklin discover that?”)


    It is a sign of immaturity to use “like and um” and it shows that you have taken notice and worked on yourself when you drop it from your vocabulary.

    Whatever is another word that is used to “dis” people. “whatever” pushes people away and basically says “I don’t care”.


    oomis1105; aries2756: I did write “not stepping on the professionals’ toes, didn’t I?

    Sister Bear

    I always do it!!!!!!! (My father HATES it!!!!) Because I have no idea how to express whatever I want to say. When I write though, I NEVER put in like, um, whatever…


    Sister Bear: Can’t understand. Why would you want to do something that your father HATES? (Why are you proud of it?) Am I missing something? (people close to me say I’m missing a lot)


    I think the teacher is being ridiculous.

    It is totally harmless, and you will grow out if it.

    Tell her to “get a life. like, or something.”

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